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        A town lost a war to a country nearby and was taken into control by the victor. The country sent a general and his soldiers to govern the town. However, the general was lustful and brutal. He allowed his men to rape any women and slaughter any man in the town, turning the townspeople’s once joyful lives unpleasant. They avoided leaving their house for anything but necessary matters. Some of them even thought of fleeing the town and asking other countries for help, but the general had long predicted this and had ordered that the entire town be on lockdown.

        Since his rule, shops in the town closed one by one; none could handle the general’s tyranny and the soldiers’ disturbance. At night, the entire town would enter complete darkness except for a bar. It was one of the few shops which thrived under the new governance.

        During a quiet night, a luxurious horsecart traveled all the way from the entrance of the town to Florice’s bar. A plump figure alighted before his two subordinates.

        When the figure opened the bar’s door, a cloud of smoke bellowed out along with various sounds — the sound of glasses, people’s excitement, and the vague yet audible moaning of maidens. A lady in arousing clothing provocatively approached the man and wrapped an arm around him. The other arm was drawing circles on the man’s chest while she said in a seducing voice, “Dear general, why haven’t you visited for so long? My girls and I have been waiting for you...” A smile spread across the general’s face before he lowered his head and kissed Florice, his hands sensually massaging her body. He leaned up against her ear and asked, “Did you prepare the things I asked for?” “Have I ever disappointed you?” She asked back with a seductive smile.

        Florice turned and led the general deep inside the bar while gesturing two maidens to serve his two subordinates. The two men’s eyes could not stop following the two young maidens. When the maidens rested their bodies against the soldiers, they could not even think straight, and had forgotten their mission. Before they could realize, they had already started kissing the maidens and were caressing their soft skin. Only the general followed Florice into the inner part of the bar.

        They arrived at a peculiar door. Florice stood before it and grabbed the knob. After giving the general an alluring smile, she turned the knob according to a special pattern and opened the door. Florice waved her hand and the general followed her down the stairs to where the bar’s secrets were hidden — a weapon factory.

        There was a forge and a number of adolescents. Some of them melted metals, some of them forged the metals, and the rest checked the products’ quality. Under Florice’s guidance, the general inspected the progress of manufacture.

        “Nice weapons, my dear Florice!” He said as he embraced her and kissed her. She then lightly pushed him away and said with a tender voice, “Thank you for your compliment, general, but that is not enough to fill my lonesome heart.” The general gently laughed and hugged her again: “Of course I know. When this is all done, I will give you the appropriate amount as usual. There is no need to worry.” With that said, the general kissed Florice on the lips, and down her neck. At the same time, he stripped her of her clothes and pushed her down onto the floor, ignoring all the adolescents around them. When the general wanted something, he would get it no matter what.

        Satisfied, the general was about to leave. Florice noticed that his two soldiers were completely drunk and were lingering about the maidens, so she suggested, “I know you are leaving town after escorting the general. Would you like to have company?” Florice exchanged a glance with the soldiers before they asked with a muttering voice, “Any recommendations, Florice?” “How about these girls who have been with you for the night?” The soldiers looked at each other and answered almost at the same time, “Good! You’re the best as always!” “That is too kind of you. I only want you to be happy.” Florice sent the maidens out and saw them off at the entrance of the bar.

        Suddenly, someone threw stones at Florice from not far away. It was a family of three. They berated her, “Traitor! You only know how to sell your smiles! You should be ashamed of yourself!” “Finish yourself off, you evil woman! You’ll pay for this someday!” Florice said nothing. She merely returned back into the bar, took out some food, and dropped them onto the ground: “Oops! How careless of me! I thought maybe I could share some food with you, poor people.” The daughter of the family, who was around ten years old, was too hungry to hold back. She dashed to the food and started eating. Florice walked up to her and crouched: “What a cute girl. Do you want to help me serve the uncles here? You’ll get more delicious food!” The girl’s face was bemused; she was too young to understand what Florice meant. However, upon hearing this, her parents hurriedly picked up the food and dragged the girl away. While leaving, they turned back and said, “Just wait and see! You’re going to lose all you’ve got!” She watched as the family retreated into the night. With a smile, Florice walked back into the bar...