All of the billionaires in the town competed for a date with Diaochan by showing off their money, even if they had to pay dearly for it. Diaochan was famous for her delicate appearance and versatile talents. Her lithe body could dance gracefully, and she was a master of poetry. Everyone loved Diaochan. As a courtesan, she entertained her customers by dancing. Although the only thing they could buy off her was her smile, wealthy men kept on visiting her each day with insatiable desires.

        One day, when everyone was waiting anxiously, an old lady stepped out of the door and said, ‘I’m sorry, Misters. Diaochan has a prior engagement today. Please come again next time.’ As the old lady turned around, the customers sighed plaintively.

        Diaochan was seeing a man in her room.

        ‘Long time no see, Master Cao Cao.’

        ‘Let’s get to the point,’ Cao Cao sipped at his tea and said, ‘You’re marrying Lu Bu. A carriage is coming to take you to him.’ ‘No problem.’ ‘Any questions?’ Diaochan smiled and answered, ‘You saved my life. I wouldn't question it even if you asked me to die.’ Cao Cao sneered and said nothing. He told her to prepare to leave.

        A few days later, Diaochan wore a red bridal array and rode on a carriage to Lu Bu’s mansion. After their formal wedding ceremony, Lu Bu unveiled Diaochan’s face. It was the first time Diaochan had met Lu Bu. The man before her had eyebrows that slanted upward. She felt an overbearing vigour in his eyes that saw through her soul. Lu Bu held Diaochan in his arms suddenly, and she exclaimed in surprise, but she remained silent as he took her to his room through the corridor. Lu Bu laid Diaochan on the bed and pressed himself against her. He began to strip her, but she seized her clothes with both hands, complaining, ‘Aren’t you being a bit too rough…?’ ‘Humph! You’re mine in the first place. Why does it matter?’ He ignored her complaint and took her virginity against her will.

        Diaochan hated Lu Bu since that night. Later, she learnt that Lu Bu had traded a city for her with Cao Cao! She assumed he was an inconsiderate, unrefined man. She never respected Lu Bu as a husband. Early in the spring, Diaochan watched the flowers bloom in the chilly weather. Suddenly, someone hugged her from behind and asked, ‘What are you doing here?’ Diaochan detached herself with him immediately and said coldly, ‘You don’t understand anyway.’ ‘Ha, they’re just flowers. What’s the point of watching them all day?’ ‘I sear their most resplendent moments in my memories so I won’t feel regret when they wither.’ Thinking this rude man would never understand the poetry of flowers, she sighed and left.

        Lu Bu did not visit Diaochan the next few days. He had ordered his servant to take good care of Diaochan while he travelled to another city for private matters. Diaochan enjoyed the quiet time while he was gone. gone, but loneliness got the better of her when she slept alone at night. The next day, warm sun rays beamed through the window. Birds' tweeting came from the outside. Diaochan slept soundly until someone woke her all a sudden…

        ‘Diaochan! Wake up!’ said Lu Bu nervously.

        ‘What’s the matter?’ Diaochan would rather get back to sleep, but she still woke up to see what Lu Bu was up to again.

        Lu Bu held her hands and sat her down before the dressing table. Diaochan’s mood got worse by the second, and she could not care less about what he trying to do. Lu Bu played with her hair as she closed her eyes, exhausted. She felt him fiddling with something on her head. Suddenly, Lu Bu patted her shoulders and said, ‘Open your eyes!’ She looked at herself in the mirror and saw a hat decorated with white flowers on her head.

        ‘This is…?’ ‘Now you will definitely remember what they look like.’ Diaochan was pleased because she did not think he would care about what she said. Moments later, Lu Bu held her in his arms, threw her on the bed and stripped her. She was about to say something when Lu Bu said, “I find this kind of ‘flower’ more pleasurable!” It was the first time Diaochan felt her heart race since they got married.

        Since that day, something changed between Diaochan and Lu Bu. They still quarrelled every now and then, but Diaochan smiled more now.

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