One night in a full-housed circus, there was a performer duo preparing for the upcoming show.

“Wheeze! Finally suited myself up,” Harvey, the younger brother, said after pulling a great effort to stuff himself into a fancy costume. This spandex was way too tight for his extra-large body size, which turned his belly into a multi-layered fat.

“That’s my brother. You look perfect with this costume,” Harold, the elder brother, said while looking at his belly in appreciation.

“Let’s get this done quickly and we can go to eat!” Harvey rubbed his belly, putting all his mind on the things to do after the show.

“Sure! I’ve got brownie, cheese, Bolognese and pizza ready backstage. All of them are your favorites!”

Harold smacked at Harvey’s fat, causing ripples on his body.

“Let’s go! Harold and Harvey, the most stunning flying trapeze performance on the realm!”

When the curtain was lifted up, Harvey rushed to the main stage. Meanwhile, Harold, looking at Harvey under the spotlight, was captivated by the confidence of his younger brother, despite his obesity.


In the mid air, Harold threw a rope to Harvey. When Harvey crouched down to jump, a rip of clothes sounded on the stage——the spandex was ripped open because of his fat!

Distracted by this accident, the startled Harvey was unable to make the jump. When he almost failed to catch the rope, Harold caught him in time; however, the two crashed, hanging together in the mid air.

The more desperate Harvey tried to cover his body, the more his costume ripped; at the same time, Harold was obsessed with admiring Harvey’s fat. As for the audience, they were all jaw-dropped by this ridiculous play.

When the duo returned to backstage, the ringmaster was already there waiting for them. With his arms crossed, he gave the duo a cold gaze and said, “a flawed performance won’t be able to make the audience happy, so you two are fired.”

“That was just bad luck! I won’t let it happen again!” Harvey chased the ringmaster to beg for mercy.

Without looking back, the ringmaster left as if he had heard nothing. Before Harvey could run far, his joints were unable to support his heavy weight any further.

“Sir…” Harold called the ringmaster while giving his brother a helping hand. At this moment, the ringmaster finally responded with a sigh, “our circus is no place for some trapeze performers who had no discipline and rested on their laurels.”

Then the ringmaster left the scene.

Harvey flinged Harold’s hand away and yelled at him, “you heard him! You ruined us because you rest on your laurels!”

“Alright alright. It’s my fault. Please don’t be mad. It’s not good for health,” said Harold.

Harold was perplexed. What was the problem to pamper his little brother? Still, he was well-aware that his brother owned a part of the fault, but he loved him too much to blame him.

“Humph! I’m done with you. I can do great with anyone!”

Harvey managed to get up and leave, walking away from Harold.

Since then, Harvey had been looking for another partner.

Harvey met an elf dancer in the forest, but the elf stared at his obese body and said, “my genre is belly dance…”

Even Harvey couldn’t see his belly button, he insisted on trying the dance, which eventually made him stumble. Then he reluctantly left.

Later on, Harvey sought partnership from the beast who performed cracking rock on bare body. The beast agreed immediately when he recognised him from a well-known circus, but Harvey couldn’t lift the hammer up even pulling all his strength.

“I can be the man under the rock! It’s not gonna be a problem no matter how heavy it is!”

When the rock was put on Harvey’s body, it got bounced away by his bouncy pile of fat.

“Dude, we’re cracking rock on bare body, not bouncing it off!” The beast eventually rejected him.

Harvey decided to try his last resort——seeking vacancy in the rival circus. Yet when he asked for opportunity, all his rivaries came to mock him.

“Oh Harvey. We couldn’t even recognize you if you hadn’t tell us your name! Sorry though. None of us here is strong enough to catch you flying pile of fat!”

“What!? You don’t know how many fans I have, do you!” The humiliated Harvey spent the last effort to defend his ego.

“You mean you used to have, right? You and your brother were good before, but not anymore. And your brother did nothing to stop you from getting fat. Looks like you two are nothing but average.”


Harvey was finally triggered when they insulted his dear brother. Before the fight had started long, he was outnumbered and got surrounded by his rivaries.

“Let go of my brother!”

Harold, who had been watching Harvey for a while, took all the punches and escorted him out of the bullies. It turned out that Harold had been following his brother out of concern.

After the fight, the siblings laid on the ground and looked at the azure sky together.

“Why are you here?” Harvey asked.

“I can’t sit back and let you slack off anymore. I shouldn’t have done it a long time ago.

“I didn’t realize that the ringmaster was talking about me until now. I should’ve known that a fat man couldn’t do the job right. I’m not a good performer…” Harvey wept.

“Then let’s make ourselves outstanding again! We can get our spots back in the circus!” Harold turned around and held his brother tightly.


“By our effort,” said Harold, taking out the costume they had worn in their first performance. At this moment, Harvey understood what his brother meant.

“I won’t make the same mistake twice! I’ll lose weight, and I’m gonna wear this again and create another mind-blowing show!” Harvey cried his tears out.

“Right! And I’ll always be there for you!” Harold smiled and nodded at him.

Few months later, two well-built men came to a circus tent with a recruitment flyer.

“Harold, do you think if the ringmaster will accept us?” The younger man asked.

“Of course. Let’s show him the most stunning flying trapeze performance on the realm,” another man responded.

The two smiled at each other and walked into the circus.

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