This day, Mo Xi happened to be in the pawn shop’s neighborhood, where there was a bridal sedan passing by a bustling street.

        “Whose wedding is it?” Mo Xi was curious, and her question was solved by a pedestrian in the crowd.

        “The general is marrying his sixth concubine. I heard that he bought the girl with a high price.”

        “Sigh, poor girl. Everyone said that the general was a crazy grumpy man, and his concubines are pretty much the same. Her life’s gonna be tough in there.”

        “The fate of being a woman...I hate this,” Mo Xi thought. Before she turned away, a breeze lifted up the sedan’s curtain. Turned out the bride inside was Mo Xi’s crush.

        The bride realised the presence of Mo Xi. She mouthed at Mo Xi with a bitter smile, “goodbye.”

        “No, no. STOP!” Mo Xi shouted, yet her call was overwhelmed by the gossips of the crowd. As the bridal sedan continued moving forward, Mo Xi tried to squeeze her way to stop the wedding; but she could not make it, and the sedan went into the general’s residence right in her sight.

        The closed maroon gate represented the end of the relationship between Mo Xi and her crush; When all hope was gone, Mo Xi helplessly knelt on the ground.

        “How come it went this way…” Mo Xi got herself together and raised her head, looking at the highly secured general residence. It was like an unshatterable fence that kept her away from Shan.

        “You saved me. Your existence brightens me up from agony. Despite the fact that you’ll never love me, I still wish nothing but the best for you, for your well-being is my happiness.”

        Before Shan, Mo Xi had been living a miserable life; Her soul had been trapped in the endless despair. Right when she was about to be drown in depression, Shan’s kindness came into her life like a lifeline reached out in time.

        “It’s my turn to save her now. I’d do anything and everything for her, even with this hideous body,” Mo Xi made up her mind. As her fists clenched, there was an unwavering spirit shining in her gaze…

        Inside a room decorated in red, there was a stunning bride waiting on the bed; A bulky drunk man staggered into the room, and the bride couldn’t help but frown for his alcohol smell.

        “My lovely seventh concubine, let me see you.” The general revealed the veil, showing the gorgeous face of Mo Xi.

        Mo Xi suppressed the urge to punch the general when he leaned close to her, put his weight onto her and touched her body; The general was rude and rough, bring Mo Xi pain and bruises.

        “Everything I do, I do for her. My Shan.”

        To protect Shan who married the general, Mo Xi had lured the general with her beauty to marriage. Although she had to withstand the skinship with the general, everything was worthy at the moment when she finally saw Shan again.

        “...Mo Xi!” The shocked Shan walked to Mo Xi and continued, “why are you in the general’s residence...So you’re the seventh wife...But why? I thought you——”

        Mo Xi stopped Shan with her index finger on her lips, while stroking her face with another hand. “It’s so nice to see you,” said the smiling Mo Xi.

        Shan switched the topic as she sensed that Mo Xi would like to keep it to herself.

        Being more experienced in here, Shan introduced the place for Mo Xi the newcomer here. Both of the girls weren’t flatterers; When the novelty was gone, the general seldom visited, which was a great news to Mo Xi.

        Mo Xi then spent her days with Shan. Those became the happiest days ever in her life. The kind-hearted Shan accepted everything of Mo Xi, except her romantic affection. But still, Mo Xi was contented with this life, believing it would last forever.

        Her wish did not last long.

        One day, Mo Xi came to the garden for Shan as usual, but Shan was chatting with a guard. Although there wasn’t any skinship between them, Mo Xi discovered the romantic feeling hidden in their eyes. When Shan found Mo Xi in the garden, a hint of hesitation appeared on Shan’s face.

        “Do you like him?” Mo Xi asked.

        “I don’t wanna lie to you,” Shan confessed and continued, “yes, I like him. No, I love him.”

        While Shan’s vibe was all about love and joy, Mo Xi felt like her heart was torn apart; She put her heartache behind and held Shan’s hands. “Don’t worry. I’m always here for you,” Mo Xi said.

        Mo Xi spent all her effort in helping Shan. No secrets could be held forever. This day, Mo Xi was feeling ill because of the menstrual cramp.

        “I hate...this useless body!” Lying on the bed, Mo Xi was whining about the feeling of being powerless. Meanwhile, the gossip between the maids caught her attention.

        “What a shameless woman Madam Shan is.”

        “Yeah, cheating on Master and even got busted for that.”

        “Can you see that look on Master? So horrible. I guess Madam Shan is gonna get killed for that...Madam Mo Xi!”

        Once Mo Xi heard the conversation, she put all the sick feeling behind and ran out of the room. Yet her body couldn’t hold for too long, and she threw everything up at the stomach. She refused the help from the maid and kept going.

        “…” Everything in Mo Xi’s sight was spinning, and she went unconscious. The next thing she knew was waking up in her room, while a maid was organizing the new clothes.

        The maid went over as Mo Xi woke up, “Madam Mo Xi, you’re——Whoa!”

        “Where’s the general?” The anxious Mo Xi asked the maid, grabbing her collar.

        “He...he’s in the living room.”

        Mo Xi didn’t even put her shoes on, running towards the place in barefoot. Soon, she found the general holding an almost-naked lady.

        Mo Xi pulled the lady away from the general. Her heart sank when she spotted a bloodstain on his sleeve.

        “Shan...Where’s Shan?” Mo Xi pulled the general’s sleeve and asked.

        “Don’t even mention her name! How dare that slut cheat on me with a guard! I’ve executed her already!”

        “Wh-what…?” The traumatized Mo Xi went speechless; Irritated by Mo Xi’s bizarre behavior, the general stood up and commanded at a maid, “escort Madam Mo Xi back to her room. Don’t let her wander around again!”

        After bringing Mo Xi back to the room, the maid asked her politely, “Madam, are you thirsty? Do you need me——”

        “GET OUT!”

        “Huh? But——”

        “I SAID GET OUT!”

        Mo Xi snapped at the maid, crashing the room like a maniac. The clothes given by the general escalated her fury to even further; She ripped the clothes into rags, and the scared maid fled the room immediately.

        “Why did you have to take away the only hope in my life?” Standing in a pile of rags, Mo Xi sworn to herself, “everyone of you will have to pay for this.”

        The devastated Mo Xi bit her lip to bleed; There was nothing but hatred left in her gaze...

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