Under Hades’ lead, Wawel arrived at the Gods’ hall. Summoners were already fighting the Gods at the entrance. The interlaced radiance of elements shone across the entire battlefield. Weapons of the heroic spirits incessantly clashed with those of the God warriors’, creating a composition of sparks and clangs. Having full comprehension of the situation, Wawel was sure of the fact that the Gods were the true culprits of the realm’s chaos. To protect the realm, he finally decided to help the Summoners. Suddenly, a pulse of overwhelming light elemental power was shot at Wawel, prompting him to conjure dark elemental power in defense. The two elemental pulses impacted and nullified each other before Wawel looked toward the attacker. In the hall not far from him stood two gigantic dragons that supported the Gods.

        “Interesting! I never thought Cooper’s toy would be here.” Fafnir said with a hint of disdain. In a bellow, Wawel hurled the dark elemental power he had conjured on his claws toward Fafnir. The dark elements split into thin blades on the trajectory of attack. Kukulkan parried two of the blades with his shield, and with a forceful swing of his spear, he deflected all the other blades! A few pillars of the hall were reduced to ashes by the deflected dark elements. The sole reason why the hall was still standing was because the Gods supported it with their power.

        Fafnir channeled her power of the Elder Gods and gathered light elements on her claws. To protect himself from the power-imbued claws, Wawel kept conjuring dark elemental power, while Kukulkan also seized every offensive opportunity to launch attacks. Between the gaps of Fafnir’s attacks, Kukulkan wielded his water elemental spear and sword against Wawel. With his every attack, flakes of ice would explode which enveloped the supposedly-heated battlefield with a freezing chill atmosphere.

        After Wawel’s first attack, he was now forced to take a defensive stance. Merely guarding himself from the numerous attacks had consumed much of his power. Meanwhile, losing a portion of his power to a Demonic Savant when he was turned into a gem had also affected his fighting abilities. Running out of strength and power, Wawel curled up in a corner of the hall, wondering if he could take another wave of attack unharmed.

        “That’s all you got? Your long sleep has slackened your body this much?” Fafnir’s arrogance triggered Wawel’s fury.

        “Looking from the way you fight, Cooper is probably weak like you. Maybe I’ll also take her out after defeating you!”

        “Don’t you dare!” Wawel bellowed. He no longer defended himself from all the attacks and instead, just dodged the lethal ones. Ignoring the other attacks, he conjured dark elements and darted toward his target — Fafnir.

        “As long as I’m alive, don’t even think about putting a finger on Cooper!” Cooper was not only Wawel’s creator, she was also his mentor and teacher. No matter what, Wawel would never let anyone hurt Cooper.

        Wawel summoned enormous dark elemental power and triggered the Elder Gods’ power within the gem on his chest. The crack on the gem gradually self-repaired before the Elder Gods’ power channeled through Wawel and turned him back into his original form — pauldrons formed above his shoulders, one showing a face of virtue, the other manifesting evil. His muscles and tail formed by the dark element also grew in strength.

        With a lash of his tail, Wawel shoved Fafnir far away in spite of her light elemental shield. Fafnir only stopped after hitting Kukulkan. Wawel conjured dark elemental power on his claws again, but this time, it was faster and more immense. Before the two dragons could recover from the previous attack, dark elemental power blades were already shot at them. The tide of the battle was starting to turn!

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