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        “Kid, that’s not something you can touch. Put it down!” A tailor, Slender, angrily bellowed to the child in front of him.

        “Nope! Bah —” In the child’s hands, he held a suit that was supposed to be in the closet. Before he ran, he even grimaced at the tailor.

        Suddenly, loud noises rang from the kitchen. It was clear that the child was trying to ruin the tailor’s place while escaping from the back door. Slender hurriedly followed the child, but his kitchen was already in disorder. While he was concentrating on avoiding the scattered objects on the floor, the child splashed oil at him. When he wiped the oil off his eyelids, he shockingly saw the child holding a lit match.

        The tailor could not help but step back in fear. Before he could say anything to stop the child, the naughty child had already thrown the match at the tailor’s kitchen: “Let’s see how you can tell my parents now, hehe —”

        As the objects on the floor were doused with oil, the fire spread quickly across the entire kitchen, engulfing all that was covered in the oil, including Slender himself! The flames burned fiercely; in hopes to get water, the tailor dashed toward the bathroom. However, as he ran toward the bathroom, he brought the flames to the rest of the house with him, setting the furniture on fire. The fire’s spread was faster than the tailor’s ability to run. Before the tailor could reach the bathroom, he had already collapsed, rolling on the floor to extinguish the hot flames.

        On the brink of death, Slender’s life flashed before his eyes —

        ‘This is called...a suit? It’s beautiful! It’d be good if I can make one of these!’ Slender, in his childhood, said to the shop owner. It was his first time to see a business suit.

        ‘I will tailor a better suit than you, master. It will be a perfect suit!’ The young disciple exclaimed to his master, who was sick in bed and could no longer work.

        ‘I still like your clothes the best. You shall be responsible for all my clothes from now on.’ An elegant lady said to the tailor behind her. It was the first time Slender had his first aristocrat customer.

        ‘I’ve finally done it! Master, this is a suit that can surpass yours!’ Slender said to the newly-sewn suit. It only happened a few days ago.

        ‘I don’t want to die now...I haven’t got back my suit...I can’t die!’ The tailor’s mind returned to the present. Unbearable heat engulfed Slender; knowing that he was going to die soon, the sentence repeated in his mind. It was the only idea on his mind when he finally lost his consciousness...

        Slender slowly came awake. The pain over his body reminded him that he had been burned. He tried to move his hands, but to no avail; his hands were rendered stiff by the fire.

        “Looks like you can’t be a tailor anymore.” It was not until this female voice rang did Slender notice that there was someone beside him — his first aristocrat customer. Elegance still exuded from her every action.

        “Miss Mastema...” Because of the burns on his face, it was difficult for him to utter these words.

        “You have designed many clothes that suit my taste...I will offer you a choice.” Mastema raised a sardonic brow, and scanned across Slender’s severely scorched body: “Do you want to continue working for me? Or do you wish to accept your life as a failure with that useless body?”

        “I...want...revenge! Kill life!” The tailor uttered the words with difficulty, anger palpable.

        “Haha. Indenture signed.” In a charming smile, Mastema passed a part of her pneuma to Slender before she left.

        Since then, a rumor spread across the city: a thin-limbed person in suit would take away bad children. Although no one knew where the children were taken, they realized that none of them had ever returned.