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        “You’re reproducing too fast!”

        Sariel swung her spear downwards in a strike; she then looked down at the enormous sinkhole from where dust and ash was steaming out. Shrieks reminiscent of the wails of baby emanated from the bottom of the sinkhole. They were the death throes of Gluttonous Roundworms. This world had been ravaged continuously by giant creatures like Gluttonous Roundworm — the damage they caused exacerbated the difficulty of merely surviving for other species; some were even driven to extinction. The job of Sariel was to banish these invasive creatures to achieve a balance in nature.

        “You’ve gone too far.” Her companion Sidriel flew to her side and said with a carefree attitude.

        “So, blowing everything away with your tornado is acceptable then?” Sariel shot Sidriel a disapproving side-glance, but the latter just shrugged in a wordless reply.

         Closing her eyes, Sariel held her long spear horizontally. It exuded emerald luminance as it sensed power being drawn into it. Gradually losing its appearance as a long spear, the emerald luminance converged into a light sphere with a vague, shining surface of a magic ball — the real form of “Evil Eye”. It emitted a beam of radiance right into the bottom of the sinkhole. The souls of the world sensed the energy and used it to recuperate — emerald luminance at the bottom of sinkhole was merging with energy of the world, transforming into thousands of light strands. The strands penetrated the crust where rock strata were driven by their intense energy to converge together and swell upward. Soon, the sinkhole was filled while the vast forest was restored to its original state.

        Angels were Keepers of the world. Sariel simultaneously possessed the ability to destroy and to restore; yet, she was unable to manipulate chaotic matters like the weather. On the other hand, her companion Sidriel had power over the opposite. Therefore, the duo were appointed respectively as Healer to eradicate “pests” and Miracle Giver to settle natural disasters. helping the world adjust itself.

        o ensure that the environment there allowed weaker species to prosper, the two Keepers scouted around where the sinkhole had once been located.

        “Sariel, handle it lightly. You are killing it with your fingers,” said Sidriel, who was staring at Sariel’s hand.

        “Uh oh! I’m sorry!” As Sariel loosed her grip, a small animal with wings immediately escaped panickedly.

        It fled back into the sky where it brushed past another angel on her way to them.

        “Sariel, have you yet to learn how to properly control your strength?” The angel in the sky asked Sariel, gently smiling.

    tartled by the sudden voice, Sariel looked upward and realized it was her old friend. “Raphael, it has been a while since we parted.”