Marble and Mitty became Ophiuchus’s companions after their encounter. During the journey, Ophiuchus treated them so well, making them feel like travelling back to the good old days with Orion; Sometimes Ophiuchus was even better than Orion, but they didn’t want to forget him. What Marble and Mitty feared was that once they forgot, they would never see Orion again.

        Ophiuchus was cold to others, but Marble and Mitty knew he was just protecting them. Sometimes he would murmur things like “...I’m staying to fight...I don’t wanna leave you…” in his sleep, and then he would be covered in sweat. Whenever this happened, Marble and Mitty would sleep next to him, warming him up; And Ophiuchus would soon fall asleep with a smile again as if the fear was all gone.

        They had been wandering until they saved a man named Hertz in the woods. And Ophiuchus’s confusion about his past was finally solved—— he was the Court of Ophiuchus. He utilized the astralist power of Ophiuchus to save the villagers. Regaining the blessing of the astralist, sparkles of Ophiuchus in the night sky flew onto his body, forming a golden armor. Marble and Mitty could feel the joy within Ophiuchus just by witnessing the whole thing.

        Hertz whispered something with Ophiuchus and his atralist, making Ophiuchus’s face grim. But he also nodded with a firm look as if he made some kind of promise. Marble and Mitty waved their tails excitedly when he walked towards them.

        “I’m gonna head to Enochian Tower to save other Courts of Zodiacs. It’s very dangerous there, so I need you two to stay.” Ophiuchus told them patiently, gently stroking their heads.

        “But we haven’t found Orion yet! And we’re happy to be with you!”

        “Mitty Mitty Ophiu Ophiu…”

        I thought we agreed sticking together forever? Don’t you leave us!”

        “Together together forever forever!”

        “It means no when I said no!” Ophiuchus couldn’t help but yell at them. Marble and Mitty meant everything to him and he didn’t want to take any risks. When they looked at him with a poor glaze, he decided to close his eyes and leave; With his leaving, the two dogs hurried ahead of him and laid down, begging for a tummy rub. Seeing this, Ophiuchus couldn’t help but heaved, squatted down and rubbed their tummies with love.

        “We’ll see each other again,” he told them with a smile. Then he ran into the woods with his astralist and disappeared very soon.

        “Woooooo…” Mitty cried loudly, while Marble kept sniffing the ground.

        “Marble Marble?”

        “We can track them down by their scents! Don’t just stand there!”

        With Marble’s words, Mitty was cheered up and went on searching with Marble. While Hertz, who had lost the blessing of astralist, kept on his efforts on the ancient ruins. Their fading figures reminded him of his apprentice who was now fighting hard in Enochian Tower, and he hoped that everything was alright.

        “Ham ham! Steak steak! Cheese cheese!” All Mitty could find was the location of food, and he just couldn’t stay focused on tracking Ophiuchus. “Get yourself together!” Marble bit the distracted Mitty by the ear hard and ordered, calming Mitty down.

        “Smells like fish… This must be Ophiuchus! He loves fish!” Marble and Mitty focused on tracking Ophiuchus. They had walked through the toxic jungles, battlefields and towns in famine. But all they cared about was finding Ophiuchus and nothing could hold them back. Finally, the clues led them to the door to heaven, the top of Enochian Tower. With Ophiuchus’ scent getting more intense, they were so excited, for they would be reuniting very soon.

        They ignored the battles around them and kept pushing through until they saw the figure of Ophiuchus. He was pinned down on the floor by a huge water stream. Above it, there was a robust man raising a water spear and planning to stab Ophiuchus.

        “Ophiu Ophiu danger danger!” Mitty went on attacking without Marble. The incoming Mitty forced the man to let go of Ophiuchus and blasted Mitty with the water stream. When Mitty defended with his giant paw, the man changed his target to Marble. Facing the incoming attack, Marble leaped on Mitty’s shoulder then sprung to the man’s arm, biting him hard! The man screamed out of pain immediately, but Marble wouldn’t let go no matter how the man tried to shake him off. Right when the man was about to blast Marble off, Ophiuchus got back in time and struck an immense astralist power at him. Powerful shockwave blew the man to hitting the wall, and Ophiuchus caught Marble in the air. Then Mitty walked to Ophiuchus with his waving tail.

        Seeing the speechless Ophiuchus, they thought that he must be very pissed. But right at this moment, Ophiuchus held both Marble and Mitty very close in his arms and sobbed.

        “What are you two thinking…”

        “Mitty Mitty loves loves Ophiu Ophiu!”

        “Because we agreed sticking together forever.” All three of them were crying tears of joy together.

        The moment when Marble and Mitty saved Ophiuchus, the zodiac of Canis Major and Minor sparkled next to the zodiac of Ophiuchus...

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