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To Snowball the Maneki-neko, energy saving was the number one rule in her life.

Snowball preferred napping rather than working; She’d rather get fat than exercise; She preferred boredom rather than a motivated life; She’d rather dream than awake. Her creed had never changed even though the landlord had stolen her treasure Koban and trapped her in the Grand Villa.


Letting out a big yawn, Snowball swayed her tail to get rid of the flies around her. It was the massage shop she was responsible for, yet she closed the shop every day unless the landlord came for inspection. She had been slacking off to a point that the shop sign was covered with spider webs.

Not long ago, the landlord had given the youkai minions a ultimatum, requesting a full house within a week. If they failed to meet the target, all of them would get barbecued. The landlord didn’t know that Snowball was the Maneki-neko if she had her Koban, and of course Snowball would never tell that. She’d rather figure something out on her own than giving the landlord a chance to torture her.

Next day, a new sign was posted in front of the shop, advertising “Massage Snowball the cat! $10 for 1 touch; $90 for 10 touches; $100 for 1 paw touch”. What kind of business was that? What kind of massage shop would ask the guests to massage the shop manager? However, this business mode actually worked——a bunch of youths crowded into the shop, where Snowball was lying at the center stretching.

“Master Snowball you’re the cutest creature I’ve ever seen! I can finally touch you after waiting for half a day!” A young girl expressed her admiration to Snowball.


After an idle meow, Snowball the white cat slightly raised her paw, as if a queen was summoning her servants. Her gesture made the girl blush, who reached her trembling hand. The moment she touched the paw, she rejoiced like a melting ice-cream with a face full of delight.

“How...How lucky I am to touch Master Snowball’s paw...It’s soft and squishy like cotton candy…”

The comment from the girl heated up the atmosphere, making everyone fight for the next touch. At this moment, Snowball rolled over to reveal her tummy. This simple move drove everyone in the shop crazy. Some girls screamed and passed out from the overwhelming sensation; Some boys had a severe nosebleed that put them into a coma.

“It’s...It’s the legendary soft tummy of Master Snowball…!”

“AHH! I’m getting blinded! How wonderful this is!”

While the shop was crowded with people, an anguish gaze stared at the shop——Furry the Komainu, also a youkai minion of the Grand Villa. Threatened by the landlord’s ultimatum, Furry decided to bring down all the other youkais.

Furry used to believe that Snowball would not be a threat because of her laziness. If he hadn’t come over to double check, he wouldn’t have believed what he saw. Not only the shop was full of guests, but it was the easy money Snowball made that pissed Furry the most.

“Why would someone pay to massage that fat cat...What kind of world is this!?” The furious Furry took a short sprint to shoot an ice spike at Snowball. Luckily, Furry was too angry to make a precise shot. Still, it scratched Snowball’s tail.


Just when Furry started feeling good, he sensed pairs of angry eyes targeting him. The resentment was so strong that it made Furry quiver. Looking closely, Furry realized that all of them were from the guests inside the massage shop…

“How dare you hurt Master Snowball…”

“I will break every bone of yours…”


The enraged crowd stormed out of the shop to hunt the “criminal”, and none of them forgot to pay before leaving the shop. Meanwhile, Snowball licked her tail pitifully and fell asleep next second.

“Woooooooof! You damned cat——! I will be back!” Running for life, Furry could only yell in his heart.