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        “Abadon...Beelzebub wants you to play with me...” Beelzebub lightly pulled at Abadon’s sleeve, her eyes focusing on the sea not far away.

        “That’d be good, but...” Abadon pointed at the enemies in front of them, disappointment palpable: “...not right now. We’ll have to finish our work first.” Upon listening to his answer, Beelzebub pouted in silence.

        In the past, Abadon and Beelzebub had always been able to overwhelmingly defeat their enemies. They accomplished their various missions with ease, until they met unfamiliar beings called “Gods”. Not unlike Demons, Gods also possessed immense power, to the extent that they could rival, or even surpass the two.

        ‘Anyone who steps between my brother and unforgivable...’ Beelzebub wanted to continue to fight the Gods, but Abadon carried her off the battlefield.

        “Don’t linger in the fight. It’s too dangerous. Let’s go back and report the situation. And then we’ll think of a way to deal with them.”

        The war in the realm of Humans was escalating, prompting the two to be frequently engaged in fights against Humans, elves, beasts, and even Gods. Peaceful days had long forsaken the two.

        “Abadon...When can we live a tranquil life...” Beelzebub asked while leaning against Abadon’s shoulder.

        “We probably have to wait until the wars end.” Eyes on the mission papyrus, Abadon replied absent-mindedly. The content on the sheet put a frown on Abadon’s face: “...power is not enough.”


        “Right. We need more power.”

        Beelzebub suddenly left the contemplating Abadon, and went outside their camp. She drew circles in the air with her finger; a swarm of insects came and swiftly carried her away. She remembered in the enemies they had defeated, one was as powerful as the Gods. Beelzebub ordered the insects to bring her to the place where that enemy was vanquished. Because the enemy’s body was overly enormous, none had dealt with it until now — a decaying dragon.

        In a flick of Beelzebub’s finger, myriad fly maggots massed in the body, and gradually merged with it — she brought the dragon to “life” again.

        The foul dragon followed Beelzebub’s order, and flew to the Gods’ camp which Abadon was about to attack. Upon the dragon’s bellow, swarms of fly maggots scattered to all directions like a splash! Although the attack struck without warning, warriors of the Gods were still able to react; they immediately fell back to avoid contact with the maggots. And when they identified the attacker, they promptly advanced in retaliation. However, they had underestimated the foul dragon’s power. Everyone who touched the dragon was consumed to the bones in a split second. Gods had to rely on an elemental shield to avoid being completely annihilated...

        Seeing the Gods losing ground, Beelzebub felt content with the foul dragon’s power: “This way...we got power...Abadon...can play with Beelzebub...”