Having heard about Holylight City, Belial decided to pay it a visit. To ease Samael’s worries, Belial allowed Azazel to accompany him. During their journey, Azazel continuously reminded Belial to beware of various dangers. Later, Belial grew tired of Azazel, and drove him away after admonishing him. Belial had thought that he would request to stay, but was surprised that Azazel readily answered to his order.

        Belial reflected on his words, and failed to notice the underlying danger in the forest.

        A column of Saintly Warriors passed by the forest when they were returning to Holylight City. The captain sensed unusual demonic power from the surroundings and hence, he had stealthily followed and observed Belial and Azazel. Upon seeing Belial’s angry burst of demonic power, the Saintly Warriors were sure the two were their targets. However, they did not dare attack arbitrarily. It was not until Azazel had left did the captain issue the order to subdue Belial...

        “Take your positions.” The column captain lowered his voice, and gave directions through hand gestures. However, he received no response from the other Saintly Warriors. He turned to check on them, but he could only see their swords remaining on the ground. The captain knew something had gone wrong. To avoid being discovered, he stealthily neared and examined the swords.

        During his examination, the captain suddenly felt water dripping onto him. He raised his head, and saw his men being hung on the trees. Their bodies were wet and their expressions distorted, as if they were drowned to death!

        “Wh...What the...” The captain was scared out of his wits by the appalling scene; they were there behind him a while ago. How come they were now being hung on the trees? Besides, the river was far from here. Why did they get drowned? Fear and bemusement completely occupied the captain’s mind, rendering him ignorant towards the approaching danger...

        Just as he was puzzled by the enigma, a magical sphere made of water suddenly engulfed him. Despite his constant struggle, breathing became more difficult for him, draining his remaining life.

        Before he drowned from the magic, he saw a figure slowly nearing. The figure’s hand was reaching towards the sphere, as if controlling it. That was who they thought had left — Azazel! He coldly watched as the captain turned from fierce struggling to quiet floating. It was not until the captain’s eyes lost focus did Azazel lifted the magic sphere.

        Azazel had long discovered the column of Saintly Warriors, so he pretended to obey Belial’s order and left. That way, he could lower their caution, and seize the chance to eliminate them at a fell swoop. Just then, Belial’s sound of steps gradually faded, reminding Azazel to continue his mission as a bodyguard. Then, he stealthily caught up with the footsteps...

        “I will ensure Venerable Belial’s safety. Even though he does not need me, my mission will not end.”

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