The blue haired teenager was lost in thought as he walked. Not long ago, he designed a path and doorways to the mythological alter. Everyone praised the grand scale of the design. The only things missing to complete the design were the floor tiles, but as the teenager watched the craftsmen put together different shaped tiles, he couldn’t help but feel something was off.

        “Even though this design is special, the time it takes the craftsmen to calculate the best angles for the floor tiles and considering future maintenance, this is and will be too troublesome. That’s it; we’ll just use polygons! We should use triangles, squares or hexagons, these three kinds of tiles to make sure there aren’t any gaps and minimize the cutting and assembling process!” he muttered to himself. Suddenly, he tripped over something——
        “Ouch…This is…”

        He looked over to see the “thing” he tripped over and was surprised to see a maiden with blond hair tied up in a ponytail. The maiden laid silently on the floor, her eyebrows furrowed. The teenager carefully leaned towards her and realized her breathing was extremely slow, to the point of being abnormal.

        “I feel dizzy…”

        “Don’t worry, I will take responsibility for that!” The teenager anxiously replied, thinking it was all his fault.

        “You…wait...!” The teenager didn’t wait for the girl to answer before picking her up in his arms.

        After the teenager gently smiled at the maiden in hopes of pacifying her, he began walking back to his house. The maiden couldn’t help but giggle to herself, thinking of the tricks he might have up his sleeve. While staring at the teenager’s nervous face, her heart began to beat faster…

        After returning home, the teenager took out a small empty glass bottle and poured different colored liquids into it. Suddenly, a wave of refreshing fruit fragrance filled the room as the teenager gently massaged the maiden’s temples.

        “Do you feel better now? I created this method, I think it’s pretty effective.”

        As the dizziness subsided, the maiden had a bright and piercing look in her eyes and replied: “…I didn’t say I wanted your help, that was all you…so I’m not going to thank you.” The maiden, in fact, hadn’t felt dizzy at all, she just hadn’t slept in three days and so it took her a moment to recover from her weariness.

        “Haha! My name is Atlantis, what’s yours?”

        “At...” The maiden paused as if remembering something before continuing: “Atna, call me Atna. I just realized how many books you have.”

        “It’s nothing really, they’re my collections. Oh right, do you want to see the design I’m currently working on?”

        Atlantis excitedly waved for Atna to come over. Driven by curiosity, she went to his side. On the table lay a large sheepskin, which acted as the canvas for a painting of a castle in the sky. Atna was absolutely mesmerized by it; she had never seen anything so interesting.

        “I’ve been thinking about how to pass knowledge down to future generations, but knowledge keeps changing and there’s always more to learn. If I really wanted to preserve everything ever learnt in human history, I would want to design a large area that isn’t a part of the space-time continuum, so that future generations could go there and experience what their predecessors went through…”

        “Don’t people often say that knowledge exists to poison people? Once you have knowledge, things are no longer simple.” Atna replied indifferently as she gazed at Atlantis, as if looking forward to his response.

        “I disagree, without knowledge, humans can’t advance and create a better nation.”

        “But it’s because humans want to create a better nation that there is constant war.”

        “The cause of war is the distortion of the human heart. Knowledge is neither right nor wrong; at best, it is a tool.”

        The two of them stared at each other. Suddenly, Atlantis couldn’t help but burst into laughter, scaring Atna.

        “You, what’s the matter with you!”

        “I’m sorry…talking with you feels so relaxing, I’m so glad I met you.”

        Hearing Atlantis’ words, Atna’s cheeks blushed and her ears flushed red. For the first time ever, Atlantis felt joy from the bottom of his heart, because he had finally found the only person in the world who understood him.

        After that day, no matter the weather, sunny or rainy, Atna would go see Atlantis. The two of them studied, discussed, and sometimes concluded certain researches. Atlantis could no longer separate his daily life from Atna: he was already used to seeing her every day, debating with her every day, and listening to her opinions…

        “Finally it’s all complete!”

        Rain poured down this day, but Atlantis’s mind was fixated on the design in front of him, it was completed with Atna’s help! Atlantis excitedly waited for Atna to arrive. He wanted her to be the first one to know about the finished design and to see her smile as she praises him. At that very moment, someone suddenly started slamming on the wooden door. He quickly went to open the door only to see Atna with a frantic expression instead of her usual sassy self. The moment she saw Atlantis, she didn’t wait for him to speak and pulled him away from his house.

        “Wait, wait! Atna, what is going on?”

        “The heavy rain is causing water levels to rise. A flood is coming! Everyone has already fled, what are you still doing here alone!”

        “Oh…wait, I need to go get the design!”

        “Careful! Atlantis!”

        Atlantis frantically rolled up the design. With the sheepskin in one hand and the other grabbing Atna’s hand, they were about to leave when suddenly a large tide of water appears. It was too late to escape and the water consumed the two of them. Atlantis desperately grabbed Atna’s hand while he struggled to swim them towards land. However, the current was too strong and they couldn’t grab hold of anything let alone swim to land. Gradually, Atlantis began to lose strength and sank into the water… Atna held him firmly. Suddenly, her whole body started to radiate green light! Her clothes slowly changed: a rattan long spear and a shield appeared in her hands. She calmly threw the long spear towards the ground, causing the ground to shine even brighter and dazzling green light——from which sprout countless vines, raising Atlantis and Atna up from the water as well as blocking the flood.

        The citizens, having been rescued, now fell to their knees before Atna who didn’t acknowledge them and went to check on Atlantis. However, Atlantis looked at her stunned and confused. She reached out towards him, but he intentionally retreated and avoided it. From the looks and her voice, the person in front of him was Atna. It had to be her, but Atlantis abruptly felt that “Atna” was a stranger to him; perhaps from the beginning he never even met a person called “Atna”.

        “Who…are you?” Atlantis bitterly asked.

        “…I am Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war, the existence of people's’ prayers” Athena said as she walked towards Atlantis, “I am Atna, but I am also Athena, I have always meant the things I’ve said and done. What’s in a name anyway?”

        “Right, names aren’t important, but I never thought you’d actually be a goddess…”

        “What does it matter if I am a goddess? Is identity that important? Do the emotions and memories between us mean nothing?”

        “I thought I found a muse, someone I could gather more knowledge with, someone I could grow with. I thought we designed something amazing, but turns out you could make all that a reality with just a snap of a finger! So everything we discussed before was all a joke?”

        Atlantis turned and walked away. As he left, he heard Athena’s sorrowful sobs behind him, but he didn’t look back. As Athena watched Atlantis walk away, she wanted to reach out her hand and hold him, however, at that moment she could only shiver.

        At night, Athena came to the residence of Atlantis, standing beside the asleep Atlantis. She gathered the divine energy, glittering with the green light; she put her fingers on his forehead and the light started to flow in his body. Atlantis frowned and eyes opened. He discovered Athena was giving him her power! As Atlantis pushed her away instantly, the green light vanished——

        “What did you just do to me? Atlantis asked. He could slightly sense that there was a powerful energy developing inside.”

        “What you mind is my goddess identity. If you become one of us, the problem will be solved. We will be the same then.” Athena smiled.

        “Cut it out! Why won’t you understand!”

        This is the first time for Athena to see Atlantis in such anger.

        “I don’t want to be god! I just want to be an ordinary human!”

        Athena was speechless. She did not know what to say; Atlantis felt so helpless as there was no turning back.

        Afterwards, Atlantis left the city without a trace. Athena could no longer find him no matter how hard she tried. Utterly devastated, Athena was filled with despair and decided not to search for Atlantis anymore. Since that day, she refused to approach humans and love…

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