Ever since the girl healed the snow fox’s wound, Something had changed inside it—It felt an energy coursing through its veins. It could understand human languages and straighten up on two feet, like a man. It grabbed a leaf and imitated the weird hand gestures of the girl, ‘Change!’ The leaf turned into an apple. As the snow fox took a bite out of the apple, it transformed back into a leaf. ‘What if I put it on myself?’ The snowfox placed the leaf on its forehead, ‘Change!’ Clouds of white mist swallowed it and it became a girl.. She bounced around the forest energetically and turned back when a branch hooked the leaf away. It decided to take revenge on humans and show them the consequences of animal cruelty.
        The bow hunters carried cages into the forest. After laying out the traps, they pushed deeper in the forest. On the way, they did not encounter any animals. Suddenly the bush rustled! A pretty woman ran to the hunters, ‘Save me...A huge bear is chasing me…’ Her soft voice melted the hunters’ hearts. They instantly volunteered to kill the bear. Following the direction as instructed, they trod onto their own traps! Screams resounded in the forest. The beautiful woman grinned…
        A drunk wealthy man reeled on the street. Suddenly, green leaves scattered on his head. The fragrance of wine came from ahead and led him into a tavern. Two beautiful women welcomed him at the door. His lust drove him to yank at their clothes and put on an obscene smile, ‘Satisfy me and I’ll pay you as much as you want!’ The women grinned and seductively stripped down. As the rich man shed his clothes impatiently and leaped at the beauties, he heard old ladies' screaming in his ears. He looked up and was surprised to realize the beauties in his arms had become two old ladies! He blushed and dashed back to home at full speed. The snow fox on the tree laughed boisterously.
        The snow fox wanted more. It visited many shops in the disguise of a human with a bag of coins made out of leaves. The frustration on merchants’ faces when they found out they had traded their products for worthless leaves made the snow fox roll on the floor guffawing.
        One day, it visited the city again to look for another target to mess with. However, silence shrouded the streets. It did not see anyone until a man came into sight. It transformed into a pretty girl and pleaded, ‘Excuse me, I’m not feeling well. Can you please carry me back home?’ The man bent over and reached out. The snow fox chuckled, thinking, ‘They always fall for the same trick.’ However, the man’s hands did not lift her up, but removed the leaf on its head! The snow fox shrieked and sprang away, but it realized it had been trapped in a green magic circle, which froze its body completely.
        ’W-Why?’ The snow fox thought its disguise was perfect. The man squinted and explained, ‘I sensed your heavy spiritual energy, which is rare for ordinary people. Promise me you’ll behave, and I’ll release you.’ ‘I promise! I won’t do it again!’ It acted pity and guilty. As he removed the magic circle, the snow fox grinned and clouds of mist changed the man’s clothes into a dress, then it leaped onto a tree in laughter. The man flicked the illusion away and pulled out several fulus. As chants came out of his mouth, the fulus launched themselves to the snow fox! It barely dodged the fulus but became cornered.
        Fulus surrounded it. The man stared at it, ‘You have a stubborn soul, which leaves me no option but seal you up.’ Fear curdled its blood. It begged for mercy, but the man did not bat an eyelid and raised his fulu...‘Master! Wait a second! Please hear me out,’ pleaded a girl behind the man, ‘All it did were minor pranks. It targeted hunters and merchants exclusively. It only taught them a lesson.' 'Exactly!’ The snow fox quickly echoed, but shrank back as the man glanced at it.
The man pondered her plea. She continued, ‘I can tell it possesses an innocent heart. Otherwise it would have overflowed with youkai energy.’ ‘It will become corrupt eventually if we let it go.’ ‘Make it join us in practising onmyodo! I’ll take care of it.’ Her firm eyes had convinced him. He sighed and gazed at the snow fox, ‘Either get sealed or follow my disciple to practice onmyodo. Pick one.’ ‘I-I’ll follow her! Just don’t seal me!’ It nodded its head fiercely. The man lowered his fulu. The girl bounced to the snow fox and smiled at it, ‘My name is Amaterasu. I hope we get along well!’ The snow fox nodded, but it was scheming its escape and pranks upon them already...

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