Freyja and her brother were walking in the woods, holding hands as they came to a pine tree. With the help of her brother, little Freyja climbed onto the tree, gazing at the warriors of the other tribes who were practicing in the distance. The twins watched from afar, commenting on the warriors.

        “To be honest, the warriors in our tribe are no match for them.”

        “I like that one,” Freyja pointed to an officer who was reporting to the general. “That thin one, if only he were a bit stronger.”

        “Freyja, he’s at least five years older than you!” The boy chided her, “and he belongs a different tribe from us.”

        “Does it matter? In the myths, two could get married even if they were brother and sister.”

        Her brother patted her head softly, “Those are just myths! Besides, we are not Gods.”

        “How dare you hit me!” She pulled at the boy’s cheeks from behind, but he was enthralled by the warriors’ practice that he ignored the girl. Freyja rubbed her brother’s hair as if it was her toy, until she finally found it bored. She leaned against her brother’s back and whispered softly, “That’s not true...”

        ‘We don’t have to be Gods.’

        Men and women of Vanir, a tribe in the North, had been separated from each other since birth. They could only meet at festivals and sacrificial rituals. Freyja had been separated from her brother since they were young. They were both troubled children of the tribe who often refused to listen to the elders. Freyja was beautiful and gifted at sorcery, but she was ill-disciplined while showing little interest in most things - she shown affection only towards her brother. During every festival, Freyja would find her brother, who always isolated himself from the crowd. They would run to the boundary to peep at soldiers of the other tribes. Her brother, who was physically stronger, would always walk ahead of her so, to catch up with him, Freyja learned sorcery from the wizards. She wove an enchanted cape for herself, so that she could move as fast as birds, together with her brother side by side.

        Later, Freyja’s bold and powerful brother emerged as the tribe’s strongest warrior, while Freyja herself was renowned as the beauty of the North. As the war spread and cast a shadow over the North, the two tribes, Vanir and Aesir, sent their own champions to fight for the authority over the Northern Alliance. Freyja’s brother was forced to leave the tribe after his defeat so, faithfully she left with him and joined Aesir.

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