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        In the great hall of Valhalla, Valkyrie was guiding the spirits to meet with the Fair Deity of Love. Freyja sat high up on her throne, crossing her bare legs with her dress sliding aside, showing her fine white thighs. Freyja leaned back on her throne, her silky blouse was stretched taut by her shapely breast. The souls were in line, gazing upon her body silently. After a brief moment of quietness, Freyja stood up and raised her staff. Some of the spirits in the line rose and flew into the light dangling at the tip of the staff.

        “Valkyrie, let them go,” Freyja brought the souls in the light further into Valhalla. “They don’t deserve my attentions.”

        Freyja then left the great hall as did her floral fragrance. The spirits gazed at her back in silence until the doors of the inner halls closed hardly and they were finally set loose from their own desires.

        Freyja had excelled in sorcery from a young age, while her brother was the most powerful warrior of the tribe. The two of them led Vanir in becoming the vanguard of the North. When Odin suggested forming an alliance among all the tribes in the North in face of the invading Demons, the tribal leaders of Aesir moved heaven and earth to negotiate with other tribes, contributing to Vanir being decided as the leader of the alliance behind closed doors. However, Freyja realized that the prospering tribe was taking her brother away from her, therefore she took part in Loki’s plan by persuading the tribes to organize a duel among the allies to formally crown the champion. The tribal leader had utter faith in Freyja’s brother and agreed to the duel. On the day of the duel, Freyja stole her brother’s sword. He was forced to use ordinary weapons to battle against the Divine Hammer of Thunder, leading to his ultimate defeat. Odin seized the opportunity to emerge as the leader of the alliance and accepted the banished warrior into his tribe. Freyja thought that she could be with her brother at last, but he was so obsessed with the battlefield and was well respected as a warrior as he had used to be. Freyja finally realized that everything she did had ended in failure, that her brother had hardly ever batted an eyelid for what she did. Later, when Odin shared the power of the Armor of Runes with his warriors, she and her brother were also benefited from the power. Odin charged Freyja with the task of watching over Valhalla: she had to take care of and sift the heroic spirits. She indulged in becoming the lover of all spirits in Valhalla. She used magic to erase the souls’ affections for their lovers, as well as the doubts they had about love, so the warriors would once again die for their loved ones.

        “Indulge the heroic spirits with love and may the swords of victory remember their lovers always.” - Freyja, Fair Deity of Love