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        Freyja’s heart had been aging. Though her body stayed youthful because of the Golden Apple’s power, she no longer had the same mentality as she did in the past. Even if the godly power did not engulf her humanity, numbness still set in during the disappointing wait. But when Odin's consciousness collapsed, the sentiments he had taken from Freyja returned to her. At that moment, Freyja decided to go on the battlefields, in search of the brother that she had long adored. But what awaited her on the battlefields were just her brother’s weapon and armor. The valkyrie told her that Freyr’s soul was already engulfed by the power of elements. The heartbroken Freyja brought his weapon back to Valhalla. The heroic spirits recognized the Sword of Victory in her hand, so they gathered around her excitedly. The valkyrie wielded her scythe to drive them away, but was then stopped by Freyja.

        “Let them go to anywhere they like.”

        Raising her staff, Freyja created a path by means of the heroic spirits and connected her soul to the jewel of elements on the Sword of Victory. Upon seeing this, the valkyrie was stunned and tried to stop Freyja, but Freyja attacked her with magic.

        “Freyja, you’re mad! Why did you do that?”

        “Since the elements have taken my brother’s soul away, I have to go inside the elements to find him back!”

        The heroic spirits began to lose control. Disregarding her own safety, Freyja directed all of her power into the jewel, which consumed her all. Her soul and the heroic spirits fell into the vision of elements together. Various scenes flitted before Freyja’s eyes, with illusory memories flooding her mind. In a flash, she had a different life...

        Freyja had been fighting alongside her brother at the front line, where she was adored by her peers. When the Demons intruded into the realm of man, tribes in the North formed an alliance. In the meeting, the elders of the tribes used the warriors as political bargaining chips, irritating her brother. Later, when the Alliance requested Vanir’s support for Völsunga in defence against Demons, Freyja, who knew her brother’s inner thoughts clearly, suggested to the tribal chief that he could send Freyr and her to there only; that way, the tribe could sustain their strength while keeping their manners at the same time.

        The duo arrived at Völsunga along with their military supplies. Being on the front lines, this country had already been attacked several times, but the warriors remained in high morale and stuck to their positions along the front. Freyja, who had joined the defense forces, met the valkyries; while Freyr made friends with Sigurd, a warrior of Völsunga. Together, they guarded the front line, forming an unbreakable bond. As a great sorceress of Vanir, Freyja stayed by her brother’s side. In her eyes, witnessing his happiness was already consolation for her love for him.

        The elements displayed a vision of an illusionary life to Freyja; yet, it was not one Freyja could accept. ‘Even if all I am left with now are remininces, that would still be preferable to false answers. Elements, take me to my brother’s final resting place! Allow me to follow in his footsteps!’