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        “I wanted to present thee with a bouquet, yet I could not leave the darkness. I tried to look for flowers in the gloomy forest. In the dawn, I had only withered petals in hands. I dared not say goodbye. I love thee too much, that I could never detain thee here.”

        In the great hall of Valhalla, Freyja was reciting poems to the heroic spirits. The spirits gathered around her, enchanted by the spell of the Fair Deity of Love. In their eyes, instead of Freyja, they saw their lovers in the past.

        “What token of love did thou leave me? It is no flowers, no fragrance. It is the sound of thou forging thy sword... and thee imprinted me with an agonizing mark...”

        Although the heroic spirits had lost their bodies, their souls were still longing for the lovers they had protected. Therefore, the deity of love disguised herself as their lovers, allowing the warriors to be sympathized and appreciated by their loved ones. Freyja satisfied the spirits, so their sense of honor would not be overrode by their desires. She read the vow that the soul had sworn in their hearts and declared the love dedicated to them in the images of their lovers.

        “Thy silence filled my heart when we parted. I spend every sleepless night waiting under the stars...” At the moment, a horn sounded in Freyja’s heart. Her power revealed Odin’s departure to her. “Thy cruelty which thou had mistaken as thoughtfulness, accompanied by your undying love, would follow the song of triumph to sound from the shining heavens...”

         ‘Did Freyr hear that too?’ Freyja was suddenly saddened. She thought she had long forgotten love and hate, yet she dashed out of the door. The ritual of solace was halted, in order to prevent the spirits’ love to be shattered by her intense emotions. In a flash, her love for her brother from the past overflowed her. ‘- Thy cruelty which thou had mistaken as thoughtfulness, accompanied by your undying love -’ As if an alter ego had awakened within her, Freyja felt something was moistening her face and found that tears, which she had not shed for a long time, were pouring down from her eyes. Gradually, all her distress now became joy, as if she was freed from a prolonged torment.

        In the past, Freyja was full of sorrow when she first accepted her duties. The heroic spirits were destined to be forgotten by their lovers. She was just alleviating their suffering, turning regret into chronic misfortune. Later, Odin ordered the Gods to create beasts with their emotions, so as to preserve their humanities. Amongst the Gods, only Freyja discovered Odin’s purpose. She made use of her spells and ended the ceremony of creating the beast. Instead, she exiled some of her emotions. Slowly Freyja became cold-hearted under the influence of her godly power. She thought she had finally become apathetic. “Maybe it is this sort of ending that makes love always loyal and true.” Freyja buried her despair deep inside herself - until the moment Odin’s will collapsed and her feelings returned to her. At the time she realized why people indulged themselves in love and desire. It does not matter whether it would cause pain or euphoria. People never fell in love in chase of an ending. The purpose of love was merely to trigger everything. The bit of Freyja’s feelings preserved by Odin grew rapidly in her. She decided to set out to the battlefield, in search of her brother whom she loved so deeply, just to seek the answer that had been made known, yet she kept craving for.