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        “Cowards think they can live forever as long as they run away from wars!” Freyr sat on the stage, listening to the impassioned speech of the tribal leader. “We never flee! Our tribe will act on the suggestion of Aesir by sending our strongest warrior to fight for the authority over the Northern Alliance!”

        Under a ripple of cheering, Freyr accept the blessings of his people. He would have to duel with the champion of another tribe, and the winner shall earn the leadership of the Alliance for his tribe. Freyr had been snatching victories and refining his skills with the sword passed down by his forefathers. He built his honor upon victory and never relied on his power.

        “Freyr, our champion! Will you perform this feat for us?” As usual, Freyr went forth to receive his blessing, but he never cared about what the priest said, as he relied on nothing other than himself when fighting for glory. As the priest finished his prayer, Freyr raised his Sword of Victory and said, “I swear to the forefathers of Vanir, the victory belongs to us!”

        Freyr had never thought that the cheering of his people would stay in his head and become the only promise he failed to live up to.

        Tribes in the North formed an alliance in order to resist the invasion of the Demons. Among which, the most respected tribe, Vanir, accepted the suggestion of Aesir, that the leader of the alliance would be decided by a duel between the champions of the two tribes. On the day of the duel, Freyr, the champion of Vanir, lost his blessed sword and could only fight against the Divine Hammer of Thunder using ordinary weapons. He ended up losing the duel. Although he eventually retrieved his sword with his sister’s help, Freyr must leave his tribe as he had violated his oath. The tribesmen did not blame him for the result, the tribal leader even gave Freyr the Sword of Victory as a gift, asking him to regain his honor on the battlefield. Persuaded by Loki, Freyr accepted Odin’s invitation to join Aesir with Freyja, and fought together for the victory of the North.