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        “You shouldn’t have agreed to what Odin said.”

        “But I want to stay on the battlefield and bring people victory.”

        “Freyr, is it really that important?”

        Freyr simply nodded as response - he didn’t even look at Freyja. Raising the sword in his hand, Freyr was gazing at the ground.

        “But you need a goal at least, don’t you? You can’t fight under someone else’s command forever.”

        “Why not?” Freyr swung his sword, cutting the boar’s body by his feet into two halves, “Freyja, how much do you want for dinner?”

        “Listen to me, I mean it!” In the middle of the forest, Freyr put up a makeshift tent. Sitting by the campfire, Freyja lashed out, “What could you gain by fighting for someone else?”

        Freyja, I have thought it through: the joy of victory lies in the fact that the winners lose nothing.”

        That’s not true! Sometimes, the winners lose something as - ”

        That’s what we call a sacrifice,” Freyr said as he cut a thick slice of red meat. “Victory makes things better.”

        Freyja groaned resentfully and gave up trying to persuade Freyr.

        Freyr lived to live his beliefs, and, victory did make everything better. Therefore when winning became something he could take for granted, which brought about no changes in his life, his victories became meaningless.

        Freyr and his sister who left the tribe joined Odin’s brigade. He was later granted Odin’s power for his accomplishments. At first he refused the power, but finally accepted it after being persuaded by Freyja. The ancient power of the Sword of Victory was awaken by the Freyr’s new strength, allowing Freyr to freeze and slice any evil foe. As the toughest warrior in his brigade, Freyr was followed by victory in every battle he fought. He fended off the Demons with the others and protected the goddess of the golden apple as she subdued the Dragon of Poison.

         After the war has ended, Odin sealed himself within Enochian Tower. The warriors parted ways for various reasons. With his might, Freyr grew arrogant. To him, victory was certain. He sailed to the glaciers in search of a worthy foe; his cruise was fully loaded with the heads of Demons, but Freyr was already numb with yet another victory. He had been wandering across the oceans slaying Demons, that people honored him with the title of the Victorious Deity of the Sea. However, Freyr could hardly be satisfied by victories any more and had lost the initial determination as when he first stepped into the battlefield.