‘It’s like sailing through the ocean, you can never avoid storms.’ When the horn was blown, Freyr never expected that he would recall the words of his father, Njord. ‘Do not hide yourself from suffering. You have to get used to it and know it like the back of your hand. You should treat it as if it’s destined. Do not escape. Try to come up with a way to counter it.’

        Freyr ignored the cheering around him. Instead, he focused on the horn that resounded through his heart. Standing on top of the many corpses of the Demons, he gazed at the tall broken tower in distance. In the past, Odin had foreseen that he would lose his mind and therefore sealed himself in the tower. He had his emissary blow the horn as a countdown of his fate. This time, the horn deep down Freyr’s heart told him that Odin’s soul had finally been lost in his mighty power.

        “He no longer suffers.”

        Freyr was always an admirer of Odin. From the day he gathered the tribes of the North, to when he led the troops to fight with the Demons, Odin had always been keen to chase his only goal. Following Odin in the wars, Freyr was trained and was even given the godly power later so as to achieve victories. Freyr still remembered the moments of triumphs and all the glory they captured together under Enochian Tower.

        The soldiers were still cheering. “Cowards flee and die in battles. Heroes fight and live forever!” They raised their bloody swords to celebrate their victory. As Freyr took his victory. he liberated his power, melting it into the elements before the next battle came.

        In the past, Odin had ordered the Gods to create beasts with their emotions. Yet Freyr, convinced by his sister, did not do so. Instead, he fused his power into the elements. This allowed him to sense the war in the realm of men, so that he could hurtle towards the battlefield in search of victory. However, his power obtained from Odin made him cold-hearted. After Odin was sealed, he allowed himself to be engulfed by his power, becoming a demi-elemental existence. After that, regardless of the identity of the invaders, ranging from the Beasts to the Demons, Freyr would always descend to the battlefield. Stripped of all his emotions, he became the war deity who lived on triumphs. Across the ocean, Freyr snatched victories in the battles between the Gods and the Demons. He, however, was nothing more than the symbol of victory as he failed to bring an end to the war. His victories suspended the chaos shortly, yet could never lead the world to peace...

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