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        The knowledgeable amongst Demons were deemed Demonic Savants; yet, they were not always the wisest. In fact, to the Demons, who prioritized power above all, these Demonic Savants were simply lunatics with great powers.

        When the Demons besieged Enochian Tower, the Frost Savant was deeply interested by the the strongly hostile golems. He dashed towards them and injected his power into one of them to disrupt the energy flow within it, modifying its appearance completely. He intended to bring the golem back for a thorough investigation after the war. However, it could no longer be seen when the Demons retreated. Frustrated, the Frost Savant could only give up his plan and return home.

        However, after a long period of time, the golem’s design was still mind-boggling to the Savant. Therefore, he began to reflect on the structure of the golem and carried out numerous experiments. Creatures residing in his fiefdom, including humans, beasts, elves, and even weaker Demons, were all used for testing. Soon, the Savant created a replica of the golem, but its appearance was completely different from that of a golem.

        Strange spheres in lieu of legs, enormous fangs, and a crystal of elements constantly sending out chilliness... The Savant looked at his finished creation. As he started reciting a spell, an ice-blue magic circle appeared below the replica. With a sound of rumbling, the three diagonal eyes of the replica glowed in blue. and an ice-blue mist covered its body. It then bent its body and bowed before the Savant.

        “Haha! Very good!”

        “All you need now is a name.”

        The Savant applauded. His crazed facial expressions had not covered his happiness. But soon, he fell into deep thought. As he was in his state of indecision, a person appeared, followed by an even taller figure. He walked towards the replica and touched its chilling body. His eyes glistered with avarice, while those behind him were emitting an even more murderous red light.

        “Let’s call it Melog!”
        “Melog? Not bad! Well, Brother Inferno, you didn’t come here just to appreciate my creation, did you?”

        “I’m here to test it out for you! Go!” As he finished speaking, the figure behind the Savant dashed towards the melog...