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        Thor’s soul had been buried in the ocean of elements after being consumed by power. The elements created a vision to soothe his weary soul, yet this man who craved for strength disdained the false reality. For that, the element extracted a profounding moment from his memory in order to comfort him…

        Thor and Tyr were traveling together in the forest. Assigned by Odin, both of them were heading to execute the giant serpent Loki created with his anger.

        “Loki has hidden the giant serpent somewhere in the forest. But with this huge area, I guess it’ll take us a long time just for searching,” Thor said while gazing at the dense forest. His calmness made a sharp contrast to the grim Tyr standing beside him.

        “Tyr, what’s with that grim face?” asked Thor.

        “Do we…really have to put that serpent down?”

        “Are you sympathizing with that man?”

“Shouldn’t we? He lost his wife and daughter, and was abandoned by gods.” Tyr threw the question back to Thor, and continued, “come with me. I know where the serpent is, for I know Loki better than all of you.”

Leading by Tyr, Thor found the serpent hideout in front of a cave. The creature curled its immense body and appeared to be resting.

Thor whispered to Tyr while he was sneaking up to the serpent, “I’m gonna paralyze it with the lightning strike. Then you go slash it with your axe.”

Tyr nodded to agree; Thor then conjured a bolt of lightning to blast the serpent. Taken the destructive voltage, its flesh was cracked and burnt instantly, which made the peaceful forest become unsettling.

“Tyr, attack!” Thor shouted to signal Tyr. He raised his axe, approaching the immobilized serpent. With Tyr’s godly power conjured, the holy fire was burning from his body to his axe. When he was about to wield——

“Uncle Tyr, please stop!” A voice of a little girl echoed in Tyr’s head, driving him to stop his attack. Thor shouted as he saw him acting weird, “don’t show any mercy!”

“I think I heard Hel’s voice ahead,” Tyr mumbled in trance, lowering the axe; While his hesitation was long enough for the serpent to recover from paralysis, this vicious creature bit Tyr with its deadly fangs——

“Who’s Hel? Concentrate on the fight!”

Yet Thor’s warning was left unheard. Tyr dodged the attack from the serpent to chase the familiar voice ahead, leaving Thor to take on the serpent alone.

“Hiss——” the hostile serpent hissed at Thor, but he showed no fear for its intimidation, aiming the creature with his Divine Hammer.

“I’m the bravest among Aesir and I will never flee! Bring it on, the wicked serpent born out of hatred and anger. I will put you down with my Divine hammer!”

An intense fight broke out between Thor and the serpent. It twisted its torso to dodge his attack, but the strike was merely a feint. The real one was a lightning bolt from the sky. Being electrocuted again, the serpent fell down after twitching vigorously.

“I did it! Now I just need to decapitate it...Ouch! This is...It’s corroding my skin...Damn! It’s a toxin. The serpent unleashed a corrosive toxic mist during the lightning strike!”

“I...can’t...lose…” Thor couldn’t hold it, stumbling onto the ground. When his consciousness started fading into darkness, Thor saw a vague figure, a knight riding an an eight-legged horse, mighty yet lonely.

“Odin…” Thor mumbled the man’s name.

“Thor, why are you lying here? Get up. Let’s defeat the demons together and bring peace back to the North,” the man said, reaching his hand to Thor.

"Right...I ain’t trying to catch up with Odin but to walk alongside him, maybe a few steps forward so Odin would not have to march alone…I can’t die here...I WON’T!” Thor finally found his faith in the vision.

“I shall be strong, as indestructible as the Divine Hammer! AHHH——!” Thor howled after waking up from a coma. Light elements wrapped him up and the mighty sparkle purified the area polluted by the toxic mist.

“If the toxins beclouded my consciousness, then let the pain guide me back to the path of light.” Divine Hammer kept hitting Thor with electricity, bringing him a nerve-wracking sensation. The pain helped him to stay awake from the drowsiness.

“Wherever I step, there is only illuminating light! And I will dedicate the light to my dearest friend, banishing the darkness and despair that trapped him!” Thor said as he raised his hammer. Countless lightning bolts were conjured, striking at the incoming serpent.

Boom! A deafening thunder flashed in the forest. With Thor’s unprecedented attack, the serpent finally stayed down for good; Yet the injured Thor was also in a critical state. Luckily the Valkyrie arrived in time to save him from death...