Modi and Magni were still searching for Asgard when the bitterness of winter came. The pair supported each through their journey in the snowy weather: they climbed through mountains, defeating bandits along the way. Yet, they were unable to get through the the Demons that had been attracted by Asgard's Relics' reappearance. Not only did they capture the pilgrims and plan an invasion into Asgard by manipulating the corrupted pilgrims, the Demons even targeted Modi and Magni. Yet, due to the immense size of the demonic army, the brothers did not fight the Demons directly, and chose a fighting retreat instead. Left with no cover, eventually they were surrounded by the demonic soldiers on the ice.


        Magni returned the sword to Modi, and this action alone was enough to tell Modi what his brother meant — Magni wanted Modi to breakthrough by himself and so he answered, “I am not leaving alone.”

        As the Demons closed, Magni grew anxious, “Modi, we shouldn’t be too far away from Asgard. If one of us could just discover the Rhine River from the records —”

        “Yes! The waterway!” Modi took his tenting hammer from his bag, “We are now on the Rhine River!”

        Magni had an epiphany. They both took out their hammers and smashed the ice below their feet. The Demons swamped the two but there was already no way to stop them. The icefield ruptured and rifted, dropping the pair, together with the demonic soldiers, into the Rhine River. Modi shielded Magni from a Demon's spear with his body, before unconsciousness came over him in the cold...

        When he woke up, Modi found himself lying in a warm house. Magni excitedly took his hand, dragged him outside. An ancient castle appeared before Modi. Although the town was empty, it was not abandoned. Magni took Modi around and saw there was a Norse surname engraved on each ancient house. Signs of the pilgrims' visits remained in the houses. They came before an ancient temple. While passing through two rows of stone warrior statues, they heard a deep and low voice.

        ‘Have you decided who shall inherit the Relics? Descendants of Thor?’

        Magni explained to Modi, they were saved by an old pilgrim after being washed away by the river. With the help of the old pilgrim, they were able to reach the Bifrost Rainbow Bridge, through which one can access Asgard.

        Magni shouted to Asgard’s guardian Heimdallr that Modi should be Mjölnir’s successor as he never surrendered even when facing danger. Modi opposed and shouted about Magni's worthiness to be successor. According to Modi, not only Magni serve as the shield protecting all, he had also brought the unconscious Modi to Asgard.

        ‘Neither of you is strong enough to carry Thor’s relics alone but you can be each other’s arms.’

        Magni and Modi looked up and in front of them, was Mjölnir and a shield. The handle of Mjölnir had been lengthened and forged into a two-handed hammer. Thor’s armor forged into a shield. The guardian of Asgard blessed them:

        ‘Modi and Magni, may glory be with you always. You shall inherit Thor’s Relics and lead the future of Aesir!’

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