As a Goddess who loves all life, Gaia was sent to the realm of Humans to observe different creatures. During the Gods’ long journey, everywhere they went had little life, if not none at all. None of which was like the realm of Humans, abounded with sentient beings. Although it was all new and fresh for Gaia, she decided to stay aside in observation because of her unfamiliarity with the place.

        One day when she was watching over the forest on a tree like usual, she saw a fawn wandering aimlessly. The fawn was feeble, its limbs shaking, as if it would fall over anytime. The sole reason why it was still able to walk around was probably the strength of its will.

        “How curious...This kind of creature should live as a herd. Has it gotten lost?” Gaia still stayed on the tree; although she wanted to help it, she recalled Khaos’ order as the lord of all Gods — Refrain from doing anything that could affect the realm. Therefore, she could only suppress her desire to help.

        Just then, the fawn’s path was blocked by gigantic trees. If it wanted to proceed, it had to go around them...However, its body was too weak to walk any further. Gaia then slightly moved the trees to open a road for the fawn to continue walking. After it passed the trees, Gaia put them back at where they had been.

        Gaia followed the fawn, but it soon collapsed of exhaustion. She nervously flew toward it: “Hang in there!” Gaia channeled her godly power while putting her hands on a tree. It immediately grew and matured, producing fruit from its flowers. Gaia hurriedly picked one of the fruit and brought it to the fawn. “Eat it, and you will be fine.” Gaia split the fruit for the fawn’s easy ingestion. It soon ate the entire fruit and became healthy again. The fawn then licked Gaia’s face, as if thanking her.

        Still worried about its safety, Gaia decided to seek the fawn’s companions with it, but their long search was to no avail...One day, the two of them were traveling like usual when the fawn suddenly dashed forward, as if it had heard something. Seeing its peculiar action, Gaia hurriedly followed it. What Gaia saw was a herd of animals! The fawn approached them, and the animals rubbed their noses against each other’s as consolation.

        Gaia found something bizarre — these animals should inhabit the forests; why are they here wandering on a dry piece of land? She descended to the ground and grabbed a handful of soil. She lifted the soil into the air, and was surprised to see that the soil was so arid that even the breeze was able to blow it away like sand. However, there were traces of plants in the soil. It was obvious that the land was originally not deserted like this.

        If she left the animals here, they would surely die from the lack of food and water, so Gaia flew to the sky and searched for a place where they could live. However, the enormous realm did not even have one forest for them to inhabit. After observing for some time, Gaia thought that she could use her godly power to help the animals live on temporarily...Gaia, once again, returned to the ground before conjuring her power onto the land, prompting trees to grow. Though the forest was not wide, the animals could at least have a safe place to live.

        “You are on your own now.” After patting on the fawn’s head, Gaia left the herd.

        Since finding a safe place for the animals to live, Gaia started her stealthy observation again. She thought the animals would now be able to thrive on their own, but food from the forest was not enough for all the animals. They started fighting against each other for the limited resources...

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