Flares sparked in the dark room. Galahad stared at the iron on the table. She began to strike it with her hammer carefully. After a few hits, she put the iron into water. As vapour spread, she lifted the iron until it was level with her eyes to inspect it. She frowned and threw it away. Right at that moment, someone rang the doorbell. She took her gloves off and walked out of her workshop in a hurry…

        The visitors were an armored boy and his friends — a blonde girl, a veiled woman, a boy carrying a bunch of scrolls, and another boy dressed like a father. ‘So you’re the bladesmith of this shop?’ said the girl as she eyed Galahad. ‘Who else would I be?’ Galahad's temper was triggered by the girl's impolite attitude. ‘I beg your pardon. This monkey knows nothing about smithing,’ apologized the armored boy. The girl raged hearing his ridicule. If the others had not seized her tight, she would’ve punched him in the face. ‘How may I help you?’ said Galahad impatiently. The armored boy drew his sword, which was in two pieces. ‘It broke in a fight. Could you fix it for me?’ He passed his sword to Galahad. She took a closer look and stroked the edge of the blade. ‘Thank god...He’s alive…’ Tears gushed from her eyes…

        ’The royal soldiers took your father away?’ asked Lancelot. Galahad nodded and said, ‘It was a normal day. They broke into our home and said something about Mordred looking for a smith capable of forging powerful and refined weapons. He had to obey to protect me. Then I never heard from him again.I didn’t know he was still alive until…’ She raised Lancelot’s sword and continued, ‘This edge is a signature technique of my father’s. I’m confident that he’s still alive.’

        Arthur stood up angrily and raised her sword. She said to Galahad confidently, ‘Worry not! I vow with this sword, I’ll defeat Mordred and rescue your father!’ ‘Is that Excalibur?’ asked Galahad nervously. She never imagined she would ever get a chance to see it with her own eyes. Arthur said with a smile, ‘Exactly! No wonder you belong to a bladesmith family.’ ‘Please give it to me!’ Galahad reached out for Excalibur, only to be dodged easily. Arthur apologized and said, ‘Sorry. This sword means a lot to me. I won’t give it to anyone.’ Her firm apology disappointed Galahad. She paused for a moment and said, ‘I understand...Can I borrow it for a day? Fixing Lancelot’s sword takes a day to finish anyway.’ Looking at her begging eyes, Arthur said yes, thinking it would not be too much for a day.

        Arthur and her friends accepted Galahad’s invitation and stayed the night at her home. As everyone was sleeping, Galahad was busy fixing Lancelot’s sword. Hammering resounded throughout her workshop until she put it into water for a several minutes then took it out again. She flicked the silvery sword with her finger. Galahad smiled hearing the clank. She put the sword into its sheath and grabbed Excalibur. ‘You're the only sword that can surpass my father’s works; the only sword that can save my father…’ She murmured as shestared at Excalibur.

        The next morning, Galahad returned Lancelot’s sword to him. He could not wait and drew it immediately. Layers of patterns had been added to it. The hardness and durability of the blade had improved trenmendously. ‘Great work! Thank you, Galahad,’ said Lancelot with a smile. She blushed and lowered her head, ‘I’m glad to hear that, Lancelot.' 'What about my Excalibur?’ Arthur asked as she reached towards Galahad. Galahad pouted and took Excalibur out reluctantly. ‘It’s here! I told you I would return it in one piece.’ ‘That’s my girl.’ Arthur stroked Galahad’s head. Galahad flicked her hands away and yelled,’Don’t treat me like a kid!’ Their conversation made the others laugh.

        After escorting Arthur and her friends out of town, Galahad returned to her shop alone. She entered her workshop and took out a sword wrapped in rag. ‘I’m sorry, but I need it more than anyone…’ She unwrapped it and inside lay Excalibur…

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