A little girl brighten up a mansion’s garden by her clear laughter, drawing the attention of a middle-aged man from his work. The man stood up and rubbed his eyes, which had been exhausted by the work. Then he instinctively walked towards the gate, heading to where the laughter came from.

        Opening the gate, the man was surprised by what he saw. Countless glowing spheres were floating freely; Galileo the little girl reached out her index finger to control the movement of the spheres like a conductor.

        The man touched the spheres, which brought a feeling of paralysis.

        “The sphere are the elements...She’s capable to control them already in this age,” he thought.

        Meanwhile, the girl sensed his presence. She ran towards him, hugging his waist delightfully. “Daddy, play with me,” she leaned her head against him.

        “All you know is playing. Have you finished the exercises I gave you yet?” The man asked as he pinched Galileo’s nose gently, making the little Galileo giggle.

        “Those questions are simple. I finished them all in 30 minutes,” she answered.

        “Simple? It took me a half day to complete them all, but they’re like nothing to her...Galileo is the real genius...Everything that I’m not…” Father gave her a complicated stare. But still he let go of the thought with a smile, crouching down to tap on her shoulders.

        “Galileo is a brilliant girl, but daddy will never give up. One day, daddy will become a researcher of Lomond Manor.”

        Holding her face in the palms, the father looked Galileo in the eyes and said, “Galileo, you’re truly gifted. I’m sure you’re gonna have a future way brighter than daddy’s. But you must always remember, conclusions are not the only important thing in research. The process matters too.”

        Despite having the genius mind, the little Galileo still couldn’t comprehend the philosophy her father taught. Yet she still nodded just to make her father happy, “okay...I understand.”

        Galileo pressed the face against his hand, feeling the warmth from the palm.

        The scene shifted from the little Galileo to the teen girl Galileo. The way she dressed was way plainer than any other girls, as if it was added purposely to cover her fragileness.

        On a bustling street, she was in old patched clothes, running home excitedly with an acceptance letter in hand. She had moved into the slum for a while.

        Galileo shouted once she arrived at the doorstep, “daddy! I got the scholarship! We have money to continue your research now!”

        Yet she received no response. Feeling worried, she came before the door of her father’s lab. “Daddy?” she called softly.

        Not a single word was spoken. Pushing the door open slowly, Galileo found an noxious smell of puke mixing with urine. But the disgusting smell was nothing compared to a hanging body in front of her——

        “No! NO——!” The devastated Galileo screamed in despair.

        The scene shifted again. Galileo was in a graveyard, surrounded by a dozen of adults. The sky was gray, with patches of raindrops. People’s whispers were all heard by Galileo.

        “That man devoted all his time and money in his research, but it was a complete failure. He wouldn’t give up even all his funding had gone into waste. Even his wife had left him.”

        “Sigh. How would he have a vain hope of joining Lomond Manor while he was never a genius? Rumor said that he went there with his research, but humiliation was what he received and his papers were all thrown into water.”

        “Oh. No wonder he killed himself…”

        As the funeral ended, Galileo was left alone in the graveyard. The rain got heavier, but she had no intention to leave. She crouched down to touch the tombstone of his father; And all she could feel was nothing but coldness, unlike the warmth of father’s palms in the good old days.

        “Dad, a research without conclusion is meaningless.”

        Galileo’s shoulders were trembling suddenly. She grabbed the dirt, leaving clear scratches on the ground. “But no one can blame you for that...No one can insult the effort you have made. I must kill this person who trampled on your dignity!” Galileo sworn for vengeance since then.

        “Whoa!” The adult Galileo woke up in fear.

        An ironic smile appeared on her face as she opened her eyes. “Dreaming of the old days, looks like I’m getting old too…,” she teased at herself.

        At this moment, she smelt a strong scent.

        “Smells like food here…”

        “You’re up,” a guy said as he was approaching with a hot dish.

        “Are you alright? You just had a fever. Don’t push too hard on yourself.” Galileo scanned at him.

        “Yea right. Stein always pushes himself hard,” a sweet girl held his arm and said.

        “And you’re a drama queen! If it wasn’t for your scream I’d still be sleeping,” Galileo said to the girl grimly.

        “There was a mouse jumping out of nowhere. Anyone who saw that would scream,” the girl mumbled, driving Galileo to shake her head in disapproval.

        Einstein and Nicole, the guy and girl with Galileo, were the new joiners of Lomond Manor. Galileo was a golden scientist responsible for managing these new researchers. Yet the three of them had been ambushed during the orientation, losing their consciousness. They then found themselves trapped in this strange place after the attack.

        Later on, Einstein had exhausted himself to rescue Nicole, thereby resulted in a fever. To find water, Nicole and Galileo had conquered so many obstacles to get to this kitchen. After some rest, Einstein finally recovered.

        Galileo glimpsed at the dish on Einstein’s hand. “What’s it?” she asked out of curiosity.

        “I found some fresh food here, so I made a soup. We don’t know how long we would be trapped here. It’s better to eat. And just take it as a courtesy of taking care of me before,” Einstein said to Galileo with a grateful smile.

        “I took care of you too. Why don’t you thank me? You ungrateful man,” the grumpy Nicole said, feeling jealous at Galileo.

        “Okay okay...Thank you.”

        “You’re welcome. I’d do anything as long as you make babies with me.”

        “Sigh...You’re still not giving up on that?”

        “Of course! I won’t give up so easily.”

        The look of Nicole clenching her fist amused Einstein. The bonding between them was getting closer than before. Galileo coughed to break this flirty vibe and said, “let’s finish the soup and leave.”

        “Leave here?” Einstein was a bit surprised by her words, looking at Galileo excitedly. “You found the exit?” he asked.

        “You’re clever,” Galileo said and nodded, “Yes. I did.”

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