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        From the moment Galio picked up his broadsword, he was tasked with fending off the Demons. He never fought them in the front line; instead, he led the elites to consolidate the rear of the army, in prevent of the raids on the back by the Demons.

        Galio was good at putting up defenses with his heavy broadsword; and no one ever managed to breach his defense. Therefore the Gods asked Galio to hold the last defensive line between the heaven and the invading Demons. Galio had always been faithful to his task, but deep down he knew that his desire to attack was no inferior than his companion whose title was “City Taker”. However, Galio, who was prudent, decided to defend at the rear of the army for the greater good.

        Galio slaughtered the Demons who tried to raid heaven one after another and was proud of being able to dedicate himself to contributing to the Gods. He soon grew arrogant for he was confident that it was impossible for any demon to make it across the defensive line as long as he stood guard. However, the Demons dispatched their elites in the army on a sneak attack on heaven. A demonic samurai who was called “The Emperor” succeeded in taunting Galio to confront him on his own and captured Galio by an ambush. Although Galio was rescued by the Gods at the end, his broadsword was seized, and he was banished to the cove, until he was able leave on his own.