The astralists cannot leave their palaces, they could only use phantoms to contact the Courts of Zodiacs who were the protectors of the realm. To make a better communication between the astralists, they granted the power to Pegasus and make it a constellation. Pegasus was a messenger between the astralists, the Courts of Zodiacs and the constellations. No one could see Pegasus without possessing astralist power. Therefore, the war raging on the realm was actually unrelated to Pegasus; All it would ever do was focusing on its duty. The life of Pegasus was steady until the Courts of Zodiacs and Summoner declared war with Khaos and the gods…

        One day when Pegasus was taking a break at the lakeside, baby blue snowflakes suddenly appeared along with Cygnus’s whisper. The whisper was stuttered with a panicking tone, as if Cygnus was hunted down by something.

        “Pegasus… I’ve found a way to defeat the gods…But…I’m being chased by them, and I don’t think I can make it to tell John...So I’ve marked it down on an ice block...Tell John the location as soon as possible...AH!”

        Pegasus heaved a sigh in condolence, for it could already imagine what had happened to Cygnus. It was also an exclamation for being caught up in this war. Despite its impatience to such a troublesome thing, it went at full gallop to deliver this important intel that had costed its fellow’s life, all the way to John. Spreading its wings, the astralist power was gathered at its 4 hooves.

        “Stars! Please guide me to the Court of Cancer!”

        An amber passage appeared, leading Pegasus to a destination. This passage was created by the astralist power. Just like Pegasus, it was invisible to the creatures without the astralist power. This was the reason why Pegasus didn’t keep Cygnus’s warning in mind, for even gods were unable to see it. At this moment, it was shot in the thigh by an arrow. While Pegasus was screaming in pain, the amber passage broke down and disappeared.

        Calming down itself, Pegasus looked to where the arrow was shot. It saw a goddess in purple armor aiming it with an arrow. When it was pondering how could that goddess see itself, Pegasus noticed a sexy lady next to the goddess who was staring at it.

        “Does that girl possess the astralist power too?”

        Yet the enemy decided not to give Pegasus a break and kept shooting.

        Pegasus altered its destination to the Libra Court, the closest Court at the moment. During the run, it had to use the power to fend off the incoming attacks. Still, one of the arrows scratched Pegasus at his wing to bleed. Despite the tremendous pain on its back, it endured so that it could get to the Court as soon as possible.

        Pegasus’s focus eventually slipped and got its fatal part shot. At this moment, it had no more strength to dodge or defend. Closing the eyes, Pegasus felt terribly guilty to Cygnus, for it couldn’t deliver the intel that cost Cygnus’s life to John…

        Meanwhile, a dazzling light shone, revealing Luna the Court of Libra. She parried the critical strike that was meant to kill Pegasus. Raising the sword, she conjured a blinding sparkle to blind the enemies so that they could have a chance to escape.

        “Follow me!” Luna guided Pegasus to the Libra Court.

        The two of them finally made it to the Court. The moment they landed, Pegasus fell down on the floor because of massive blood loss.

        “Stay with me!” Despite the encouragement, Luna was actually at a loss with the dying Pegasus.

        “Don’t mind me...You must retrieve this ice block…”

        Pegasus projected the message from Cygnus with its last bit of strength. Looking at the tormented Pegasus, Luna dropped her tears as if she was feeling the same.

        “Don’t worry. John and I will find this ice block and put an end to Khaos’s conspiracy!”

        Luna treated Pegasus and entrusted it to the Libra astralist. Then she headed to the realm alone, following Cygnus’s message to find John...

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