“Why father still hasn’t come out yet…”

        In the courtyard of the chamber of Varuna the king of Sinha, Ganesha was waiting for his adopted father Brahma. He was bored sitting on the ground. The palace was planted with hina. He plucked one, rolled it up like a scope and gazed upon the sky.

        There were two blazes of scarlet light, shining over every corner of the world. Ganesha was tedious watching this realm on which the “sunlight” never set. He crouched down and grabbed a handful of dirt.

        “The soil here was completely different from outside. It’s full of moisture and nutrients.” Ganesha pondered as he kneaded it.

        The land outside was dried with plenty of cracks. However, in Sinha, it was rich enough to plant various kinds of crops. All residents here did not need to worry about food shortage.

        “That’s why people want to be soldiers of Sinha. If father decides to stay here, I’ll stay too...Achoo!” Stimulated by the smell of hina, Ganesha’s trunk curled upwards.

        “Who are you? How dare you break into my chamber!” Shocked by the disturbance inside, Ganesha dropped the hina on the ground. As he was worried about the safety of Brahma, Ganesha entered the chamber and saw a few assassins were approaching Varuna and Brahma with weapons.

        “We’ve been waiting for this chance for a long time. Today, we’re gonna revenge the murder of our clan,” the assassins shouted.

        As the danger was looming, Ganesha risked his life to give them a shove. Standing in front of Brahma, he said angrily, “I’m not gonna let you hurt my father!”

        Ganesha took away an axe from the assassin with his trunk, then he swept them down immediately. The remaining enemies started sprinting towards Varuna instead. As they were about to swing their axes, Varuna used Brahma as shield to avoid getting hurt.

        “Stop!!!” Ganesha could not help but curl around an assassin’s neck tightly. The suffocating assassin spent all his energy to speak a few words, “leave me alone...revenge the murder...this kid doesn’t dare to kill me…”

        They ignored the threat of Ganesha and continued attacking. Then, that assassin, who was held under duress, was choked to death. Everyone was watching the body slip down from his trunk.

        At this moment, Agni brought Sinha soldiers to suppress the enemies and arrest them all. To end this once and for all, Varuna ordered him to investigate the assassins and annihilate the rest while he would be going to Varuni’s palace. Only Ganesha and Brahma were left in the chamber.

        Looking at the corpse with shock, Ganesha was trembling. “I, I killed him...But I just want to protect Brahma…”

        Then, Brahma came over and touched his head. “To protect someone or something you care, sacrifice is necessary.”

        Ganesha nodded and went into his arms. To him, Brahma was everything. He would even sacrifice his life to protect him.

        “I’m willing to do anything for father. I don’t want to be left alone anymore.”

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