’Master Gareth, it’s getting dark. Your father is going to get mad if we don’t get back soon.’ A butler in black suit bowed and spoke to an adolescent sitting at a table. The adolescent smiled with confidence. ‘Give me a bit more time! The goddess of victory is blessing me!’

        He clutched the coin on the table and put his hands behind his back. The coin jumped between his hands repeatedly. Then he clutched it tight and reached out his fists. He stared into the man’s eyes and asked, ‘If you guess right, you win and take this bag of coins; else your bow is mine. Are you in?’ Thinking that the coins would be worth more than his bow, the man laughed and pointed at Gareth’s right hand. ‘It’s here!’ Gareth shook his right hand and asked, ‘You sure?’ ‘Yes! Open it!’ The man smiled. Gareth spread his palms slowly. The coin was not there. ‘Dang it!’ ‘Thank you for the bow.’ Gareth got on his feet as his butler picked up the bow and the bag of coins.

         ’Master, you just love to take risks, don't you? It’s impossible to win every game.’ ‘You’re wrong. I’ll never lose using mental suggestions.’ Gareth was full of confidence. As he was leaving, he bumped into a girl…’Are you blind? Didn’t you see I was walking through?’ he yelled. Much to his surprise, the girl yelled even louder than he did, ‘That's what I was going to say! You were the one who bumped into me!’ They glared at each other unyieldingly.

        At that moment, Gareth caught a glimpse of the girl’s sword, which had a Star Stone attached on it. He realized it was the legendary Excalibur instantly! ‘The legend my father told me is true. That sword is Excalibur, right?’ exclaimed Gareth. The girl replied in annoyance, ‘Yeah, so?’ Gareth burst out into laughter and took out a coin from his pocket. ‘I want to play a game.’ ‘What game?’ ‘It’s simple. Guess which hand this coin is in. If you get it, this bag of coins is yours; else your sword becomes mine. Are you in?’ The girl’s stomach growled. She thought for a second and said, ‘Alright! If I win, you’ll also apologize for what happened earlier!’ Gareth concealed his excitement with all his might, imagining the moment he finally obtained Excalibur.

        Gareth and the girl sat facing each other. He was going to perform his usual trick. His hand clutched the coin on the table and he put both hands behind his back. Seconds later, his fists reached out. He raised his right hand and said, ‘Here. Make a guess!’ The girl floundered for a moment and said,, ‘Left hand!’ Gareth was stunned. He had used mental suggestions to mislead her into choosing the wrong hand. However, she did not fall for his trick. He questioned her, ‘Are you sure? No regrets?’ ‘Yes! I mean it!’ He made several attempts to shake her confidence to no avail. He reluctantly spread his palm, where the coin was lying. ‘Haha! I won! Now apologize and give me the coins!’ The girl bounced around in joy. Gareth murmured, ‘That’s impossible...How could it be...No way…’ He pounded the table and the loud noise silenced everyone. He pointed at the girl and said, ‘One more game! I still have plenty of money and rare items!’

        Gareth repeated the guessing game over and over again. No matter how he applied mental suggestions to her, it did not affect her in the slightest. The girl guessed right every game and Gareth almost had nothing left anymore. ‘You barely have anything on you now.’ She stood up and turned around, but Gareth yelled, ‘I have one more thing!’ ‘Master, that’s our heirloom!’ His butler tried to stop him, but he ignored him and took a box out. He opened it and revealed an emerald triangle Star Stone! ‘One last game!’ Gawking at the Stone, the girl nodded without thinking…

        Gareth dragged his exhausted body home. His face had turned pale. The frustration and the loss of his heirloom had put him into big trouble. ‘How will you explain this to your father?’ ‘I’ll just avoid seeing him,’ he walked into his room as he spoke. His father was sitting in his room, waiting for him. ‘F-father, why are you here?’ ‘I searched the entire castle for the Star Stone. It’s gone. A servant said it was you who took it away, right?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Hand it over.’ Gareth’s father stepped up to him. He stammered, ‘’s...not…’ ‘What’? Gareth avoided eye contact, afraid of seeing his father’s furious face.

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