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        Starving Garuda landed in the woods rapidly. Surrounded by conflagration, it spread its wings, took a deep breath and absorbed all the flames into its mouth. As it engulfed more and more fire, the wildfire began to stop; Garuda, with its stomach getting bigger and bigger, had gradually resumed stamina.

        “Phew, I almost starve to death, but the taste of these flames is strange…”

        The flames in the forest were absorbed and turned into fire energy, but the smell of that smoke was unusual, with a slight spice into it. At this moment, Garuda’s attention was drawn by someone under a tree from afar, which made it forget about the weird taste. That person was holding a torch, and immediately ran away as soon as he saw Garuda.

        Garuda recognized him, who was exactly the same person as it saw in a portrait given by its master. This person was the one Garuda has been searching for. Tailing him through a mountain, it arrived at a tomb close to the border of Sinha before losing the target. Garuda was brave enough to go inside this gloomy place alone. Soon, it heard a shrill cry…

        “Who’s there?” Garuda went straight to the end. Under the weak light, it saw conjoined twins who were chained off the ground to the wall. There was a magic circle, full of sanskrit, underneath their legs.

        “Help, help us...Please...Let us go…” The woman, who was on her deathbed, opened her eyes.

        Suddenly, the man groaned with pain. “...I can’t, I can’t take it anymore! Ahhhh!! Set us free!”

        Garuda could not bear to see them suffer, trying to save them by destroying the magic. It spread the wings and absorbed the energy into its stomach. Then, the sanskrit spell on the floor gradually vanished; and its effect had faded away. The chains of the conjoined twins were broken. Both of them fell to the ground.

        “Impressive.” Kubera clapped with a smile as he came out from the corner. Staying alert, Garuda asked, “who are you? The person I’ve been following is not you…”

        “He has already left. I’m here to reap my harvest,” answered Kubera.

        Then, he took out a bottle from his waist and threw at Garuda. That smell of spice was the same as that of the embers in the woods.

        “You set fire in the forest. The weird flames...Ahh——”
        “Your hard work has paid off. You may take a good rest.”

        Garuda felt something strange in its stomach as it kept bulging like a ball. Finally, it exploded to ashes; Garuda’s heart was burnt into a pearl like Sarira, which was held on Kubera's palm.

        “What a beautiful pearl. Things are getting much more interested now,” he felt excited. The conjoined twins, after the chains were broken, had fled from the tomb…