The tyrant and his men were carrying bags of treasure, and they were on a carriage moving away from the city. ‘We’ll live in the lap of luxury as long as we have our boss!’ Hearing his shoeshine weaklings’ cheering, the tyrant sneered. Dappled sunlight paved a warm, cosy road.

        As the tyrant’s men were singing and rejoicing, their boss heard a low voice murmuring, ‘Your evil is seen; your sins await amends.’ ‘What?’ The tyrant looked up and saw a green man floating above. The green man descended upon the carriage, and the impact scared the horse, which then sprinted around frenziedly in fear. Many of the tyrant’s men were thrown out of the carriage. As the green man walked towards them, the tyrant winked, and his men raised their weapons and charged toward the green man, who then easily dodged every slash and kicked the attackers out of the carriage. He chopped several others into pieces and kicked the weakling at the front. Now there was only one man left guarding the tyrant, and he was kicked him out of the carriage by the green man.

        ’You!’ The tyrant finally drew his blade to fight the green man. The blade clanked with the green man’s sword. The tyrant thought he had the upper hand, but the next thing he knew, he was pushed back with immense strength! ‘H-how’s that possible?’ ‘Repent for your sins!’ A punch dug into the tyrant’s stomach as his weapon was blew away. The bruised tyrant fainted….The man stopped the horse and tied it to a tree. Then he grabbed their bags and rode to the city.

        After the green man went back to the city, he secretly returned the stolen treasures back to their owners' houses. They could never find out who did this, and thought it was a miracle of god. On his way to church, a blonde girl and her friends walked past him. The green man stared at the boy, who wore an armor, and realized that it was Lancelot! The man climbed up a roof for a clearer look at Lancelot. Moments later, he returned to the church…

        The Sun was setting. The man put on his godfather robe and sat in the confessional to hear the confessions of those who were penitents. Thick glass served as a partition. The confessants could not recognize the confessor’s face and vice versa. Through the glass, he saw an adolescent sitting down. ‘Father, what defines right or wrong?’ ‘Do no evil. Love everyone. Bear kindness in you heart. These are right.’ ‘What if I choose to turn a blind eye when I have the power to do something. Father...Gawain.’ The long unheard name drowned Gawain in a train of memories.

        At that moment, the door flung open. The adolescent sitting there had become taller and more mature than Gawain remembered. ‘I should know. You must’ve have recognized me.’ ‘I almost didn’t. Who would’ve thought the great commander of the Juvenile Knights had become a godfather in a remote town.’ ‘I hear confessions at night; I save the good and punish the evil in the day. These were the only ways to redeem my sins.’ Lancelot seized Gawain’s collar and said, ‘You’re just running away from reality!’ Gawain remained in silence and avoided Lancelot’s eyes.

        Lancelot thrust his fist into Gawain’s stomach. Gawain kneeled in pain without the slightest intention to fight back. ‘You think what you’re doing is redemption? You just don’t have what it takes to face your faults. If you want to do something for King Uther, support his daughter, Arthur.’ ‘Arthur? She’s not dead?’ ‘No. Get over the past.’ Lancelot reached out his hand, but Gawain hesitated to grab it. He believed that he was not qualified to stay with Arthur, and that no one could live up to King Uther. He turned away and remained silent. Lancelot sighed and said, ‘Gawain is dead’ and walked away. As Gawain watched Lancelot disappear with mixed emotions.

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