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        In the world of elves, those of higher status are treated like nobles. Not only are they admired by common elves, they also possess stronger power than the others. As one of the higher status elves, Ev surprisingly did not yearn for admiration and instead, enjoyed living a quiet life in the depths of a forest. Ev often sat on a gigantic tree because the sound of rustling leaves could ease his mind. One day when he was sitting on the tree like usual, a maiden’s scream rang from not far away, so he hurriedly ran to the source of the sound to see what had happened. He agilely leaped from branch to branch and moved swiftly like the wind. In a short while, he arrived at the source of the scream.

        A Demon maiden was pursued by a number of God warriors. Although the maiden frequently hurled fireballs at them, the warriors showed no signs of fear. They parried her attacks with their shields and continued their pursuit. The warriors launched close-distance explosion attacks at the maiden, rendering her unable to steady herself. Seeing that the tripped maiden was about to be killed by the pursuers, Ev put his hand on a tree’s trunk and channeled his immense power. The elemental power that resided within the tree began to flow, as if their different power started to echo as one. Responding to the harmonic melody of power, the tree’s branches suddenly grew and lashed at the soldiers while some of them enclosed the maiden as a layer of protection.

        The God warriors slashed the branches at first, but the branches soon grew back with the help of Ev’s power. However, the warriors kept calm and targeted the trunk of the tree, trying to get rid of the source of their problem. Ev then channeled his power into the tree and changed the form of the trunk, causing hand-like branches to grow from it. With Ev as the conductor of the harmonic melody of power, the tree shoved away numerous God warriors. Those who had evaded the attack panicked and hastily retreated.

        Ev slowly withdrew his power before patting the tree as a gesture of gratitude. He wanted to stay on the tree and continue observing the maiden, but she gave no sign of movement, so he jumped down from the tree to check on her. Just as he landed, the maiden playfully bounced up on her feet and said, “Oh, I was just trying to lure you out to see who helped me. Hehe.” The maiden who stood before Ev had an exquisite face; her hair was long and glossy; and her long red dress fitted her like a glove. For someone who always avoided from being seen, Ev was shocked and wanted to run away, but the maiden held him by his sleeve: “I just wanted to thank you. I didn’t mean to freak you out. Hi. The name’s Ozma.” “E...Ev.” With that said, Ev shook off Ozma’s hand and vanished into the forest.

        Since then, Ozma always came to the forest to see him, but he avoided her because he was only affectionate to elves. However, Ev still often thought about Ozma. Her smile would even appear in his dreams even though he could not understand why he had changed this way. It was not until Ozma pretended to be pursued and lured him out from the shades did they meet again.

        “Finally, I got you.” A smile spread across Ozma’s face as she tightly grabbed onto Ev’s sleeve. With no chance of escaping this time, Ev could only face her. As soon as they looked into each other’s eyes, Ev finally realized what his change meant and felt that his previous struggling was meaningless.

        “Can you please...let go of my sleeve?” Ev said with a hint of embarrassment, prompting Ozma to notice the inappropriateness of her behavior. However, she still lingered to release her grip as she said, “Your sleeve, yes. But your heart, no.” Ev quietly peered at Ozma’s face and contemplated — he also missed her. Just as Ozma was about to let go of him, Ev tightly grabbed onto her hands, surprising the maiden. Seeing Ev smiling at her, Ozma almost cried happy tears.

        After that, Ev and Ozma often met each other in a treehouse created using Ev’s power. When he learned that Ozma was pregnant with his child, he knew he felt true happiness. He often leaned against Ozma’s abdomen to listen to the vague sounds within her. Looking at him, Ozma could not help but ask, “Is it really that intriguing to listen to it?” Ev answered with a bright smile, “Mm. No other sound can give me such a peaceful feeling.” They gazed at each other as they smiled happily. Their lips touched and they thought their happiness would never fade.

        That night, Ev snapped awake as he felt an unusual current of elements. He turned to look at Ozma lying beside him and saw that she was in pain — her power flowed into the baby. Ev was worried that if this situation continued, Ozma might die from losing too much he channeled his own power into Ozma, and watched as her expression gradually eased. To protect Ozma and the baby within her, Ev would channel his power every night when she was sound asleep. The loss of power was painful, but knowing that his beloved can live happily and comfortably, he deemed every effort and sacrifice worth it...