Ithaqua was omnipresent.

        Its existence transcended different dimensions. To be exact, Ithaqua was the dimensions itself. Ithaqua had access to the past, present and future beyond human recognition. It could even traverse parallel universe arising from choices. That was what humans called the “fate”.

        Ithaqua existed as a bystander, like air, light or stone that were fundamental in every time and space. Ithaqua observed and listened, but never accepted nor refused, only acting as a witness to karma.


        A huge noise broke the peace alongside a violent shake, which had roused Ithaqua to squint its eyes. Countless universes were forced to combine into one by an incredible power.

        “The balance of karma will be destroyed if this continues. I must stop the distortion.”

        Unable to stand on the sidelines anymore, Ithaqua intervened the helix of fate for the first time. It gathered power and turned into dark-green mist in search of the reason for the distortion——Daoloth the creator.

        Ithaqua traveled in the form of mist to a corner of the universe, where broken planets were abandoned in the godforsaken galaxy. Revealing itself as a human form, Ithaqua gazed at the painfully-trembling Daoloth, whose body was covered with little black holes. They were releasing overwhelming power that distorted the fate of the world.

        “Poor Daoloth, the emotions derived from your heart makes you unable to control your power, doesn’t it? You’re too strong that even developing your self consciousness will cause you to lose control.”

        “Wheeze...You...I know you. You’ve been observing me.” Daoloth opened its eyes to look at Ithaqua strenuously.

        “Yes, because I represent fate.”

        “Ithaqua, take all the unnecessary emotions away from me. Only in this way, I won’t be out of control again.”

        “Are you sure...Then your soul will become incomplete.”

        “Didn’t you come here to stop me? Do it.”

        Ithaqua’s mist was expanding exponentially, flowing in the air disorderly. At last, the mist was turned into two hands even bigger than Daoloth. The hands reached into Daoloth’s body and pulled iridescent yet slimy liquid out.

        As Ithaqua breathed the green mist, which shaped into a strange-looking container, like a bottle but its mouth extended from top to bottom. It was difficult to tell which part was the inside, and which was the outside. It resembled an infinite cycle without an end. When Ithaqua poured Daoloth’s power into it, the container was shimmering a giant colorful ring, and it became small in the next second.

        Ithaqua brought the container to the void of the universe, settling down this jeopardous disaster. But it was just the beginning. Ithaqua still hadn’t resolved Daoloth’s distortion. Its berserk emotions happened from time to time; and Ithaqua would remove them continuously.

        Such interaction made Ithaqua no longer able to treat Daoloth using the identity of bystander. Watching it suffer ached Ithaqua’s heart.

        One day, it could not bear to remain silent anymore. “Daoloth, give up on creation. It is distorting you and devouring your soul.”

        Having recovered from the distortion, Daoloth waved its tail, intertwining its claws. “Ithaqua who masters the fate of the universe, you transcend the past and future. You should know better than I do. No matter if I give up or continue to create, I still can’t escape the destiny of collapsing.” Daoloth responded as it gazed at the universe.

        Ithaqua remained silent but trembled. It hesitated because Daoloth was right. “I do hope there would be a miracle to get your salvation.” Ithaqua reached out its misty hands and touched Daoloth’s head with a sigh.

        “Itha, miracle is built on misfortune. So it’s better not to happen. I shall go with the flow.”

        Daoloth remained persistent in creation despite the distortion of its soul. The situation was getting worse and worse day by day; even Ithaqua was unable to foresee its fate. The only thing it ascertained was that Daoloth was not far from total collapse. So Ithaqua did not feel surprised when Ubbo Sathla, one of Daotholth’s followers, came for a visit.

        Ithaqua walked to Daoloth with sadness. The degree of losing control was the worst ever this time. There was a huge black hole in the sunny sky. Vision of the future emerged on the ground as time and space were about to be intertwined.

        “Daoloth, this is the last time. My power is running out.”
        “Very well, Itha. I’m sorry for draining you out to remove my emotions…”
        “Not at all. This is what I want to. Your suffering also pains my soul...Sigh, I don’t know how to describe this feeling…”

        Ithaqua closed its eyes, let the consciousness leap across different time and space to get the necessary message. “It’s called mother love. My love for you is selfless, Daoloth my poor child.”

        Ithaqua triggered the remaining energy; thick, green mist came out everywhere, eventually becoming a gigantic figure. After giving a hug, Ithaqua passed through and took away the power that affected Daoloth as usual.

        However, the power was not sealed this time. Instead, Ithaqua transformed that aggressive energy into soft light, spreading over every corner of the realm, nourishing the entire world. This was called “elemental power” in the future.

        “Daoloth, I can’t stay with you any longer. May this power break the shackles of your fate and let the miracle descend…”

        Ithaqua’s consciousness was fading away along with its words. It did not disappear, for fate always existed. The long slumber would continue until its power resumed...

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