Minerelves’ Record Story Ch. 16

        Trying her best to hold the emotion, Emerald sobbed without making a sound and refused to reveal her weak side. When it came to aggressive, tough attack, Diamond would fight back with no doubt; when it came to the silent accuse of the weaks, he could do nothing about it.

        “I-I’m sorry. Did I scare you with my loud voice?”

        Diamond approached carefully, trying to comfort Emerald; but Emerald punched him non-stop in response.

        “I spent so much effort to befriend them, and now you ruined everything...Why can’t you just mind your own business!”

        “Because you’re in pain!” Diamond grabbed Emerald’s wrist.

        Although Emerald’s punches didn’t hurt physically at all, Diamond felt a tremendous pain inside his chest, for Emerald’s sorrow passed to his soul through the punches.

        “Your smile disappeared once they showed up...You’re not happy with them!”

        “..Of course I’m not…” Emerald murmured, “I know better than anyone that they never treated me as a friend, but I’m scared.”

        Emerald paused and raised her head, with a pair of pitiful teary eyes.

        “But I don’t want to be alone!”

        She pushed Diamond and ran away before he could say something.

        “All she wanted was trying to help me, but I snapped at her. I’m the worst!” Emerald felt extremely guilty as she blamed Diamond. The guilt and shame made her run away from this suffocating place.

        Glimpsing at a silver spark, Emerald looked back with shock.

        “You...Why are you coming after me!”

        “You hate being lonely, so I can’t leave you alone!” Diamond answered while chasing behind her.

        “You helped me but I snapped at you in return. Elf like me shouldn’t exist at al! Just leave me alone!” Emerald sped up, trying to get rid of Diamond.

        “No! I can’t!” The stubborn Diamond sped up to follow her pace. After a while of chase, the two of them came to the garden outside the campus without realizing it.

        “Huff...Why...are you...still chasing...Huff…”

        “’re running...Huff...You stop...I’ll stop…”

        Both Emerald and Diamond were out of breath because of the intense run. As Emerald slipped her mind, she tripped herself; meanwhile, Diamond was too late to stop his pace, tripping over by Emerald. Fortunately, the two of them stumbled on a soft grassfield.

        Lying on the ground, Emerald decided to spread her arms and gazed at the azure sky.

        “What...are we doing?” She asked quietly.

        “I don’t know either...I’m exhausted…


        Maybe the run de-stressed Emerald, or maybe she found her action foolish, who laughed out loud just now.

        She stretched her body then sat up straight, and started talking in a flat tone.

        “I hide my emotions and flatter the others just to make them happy. I fulfill all the requests no matter what they ask. Yet all of them just leave me eventually… Am I that repulsive to others?” A hint of sadness could be found in her voice.

        “I think you’ve mistaken something here,” said Diamond with a frown. “You don’t need to flatter them. If you never show your true self, how can you make real friends?”

        “Real friends?”

        “Real friends are those who want you to be yourself.”

        “Does that mean I don’t have to fulfill their requests if I have real friends?”

        “You’ll want the best for them.”

        “What if they still ask me to do something I don’t want, or I do something that pisses them off?”

        “Then fight.”

        “...I don’t get it.”

        Emerald understood every word Diamond had said, but she was confused when they were put into a sentence.

        “Figure it out then. I know many elves who can be your friends, but they might argue with you or even fight you.”

        “Why do I feel safe when you said those horrible things?”

        “Maybe because you trust me?”

        The hesitation was gone when Emerald looked at the friendly face of Diamond. She asked louder than usual, “where are those friends?”

        “Welcome to the voyager club,” said Diamond with a bright charming smile.

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