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        I was always having the same dream, in which I saw myself and Castor trapped inside the darkness. We had to decide who was better, but I was not the one fighting. Instead, I was a spectator, witnessing two fighters with same appearance fighting with each other. At the beginning, Castor launched fierce attacks by thrusting his swords, but “I” blocked the attacks with a barrier built by “my” waving swords. After a while, I could no longer figure out who was me, or who was Castor... Covered with gaping wounds, we fell at the same time. At this moment, the astralist asked with a steely voice, ‘Who won?’ I would wake up every time when “I” was about to reply, so that I could never know the answer.

        ‘Pollux, you are becoming fiercer than me with your swords.’

        “Castor, your voice is fading.”

        ‘Maybe my power too. Even the astralist could not keep me here forever...’

        Silence falls on the two of us. I draw out my twin blades, getting prepared for the coming battle.

        ‘If I vanish - ’

        “No, maybe you are just tired.”

        ‘How could a soul be tired?’

        I tap my right arm. Over the years, it has become contorted due to the power of Castor. The ugly skin of it has become the symbol for Castor’s existence. I have looked for every single way to harmonize the power of constellations so that Castor’s soul would not be torn by it. But, it turned out my effort was futile.

        ‘For every lifeform who has made use of the power of elements, their soul would dissolve in the power after death.’

        “As if they are paying their debts.”

        ‘I don’t see it this way. It could be a paradise for souls, a place where they could live peacefully ever after.’

        “How come you believe in such myths?”

        ‘Haven’t you realized we are exactly the characters in these myths?’

        “Then, what are we? Heroes fated to sacrifice? Or grim reapers that would bring death upon the battlefield?”

        ‘Let’s begin.’

        ‘Who won?’ the astralist asked steely.

        “Castor has defeated me.” I, the spectator, answered.

         Castor crawled in agony. He pushed “me”, who was lying unconscious on the ground, away with his remaining strength. “I” flew towards me, he was just like falling into my eyes - we became one and I woke up, but Castor was left in the darkness, where he awaited his vanishment silently.

        I have cut off the throat of a soldier and stabbed my sword into his head from his lower jaw. I am pushing forward like the tip of my sword; my twin blades are slashing through the enemies in the frontier. Now, Castor is no longer holding my swords together with me. He is just protecting me with his ghastly power. It is just like his “tired” soul is embracing me. I have to keep my swords swinging, so that no attacks could hit even a single bit of my body to awake my only kin.