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        “Lord Ninurta, are you really okay?” the captain of the city asked.

        “Haha! I am fine!” With a laugh, Ninurta stated while patting the captain’s shoulder.

        Far beyond the city’s borders , pack after pack of wild beasts moved towards the city. Ninurta leapt from the wall and landed on the ground heavily, cracking its surface. He raised his sickle while muttering a spell; suddenly, Ninurta’s size tripled. The beasts kept charging towards the wall when Ninurta roared. The ear-splitting sound froze the first wave of the beasts. With a broad stroke of his sickle, Ninurta instantly fell myriad beasts.

        Since Humans began living in a large group, Ninurta had served as the commander of soldiers. Humans were often attacked by other races; beast surges like this one happened twice or thrice annually. Yet every time, Ninurta could successfully protect the city. Gradually, Ninurta was referred to as “the General.” He would also sweep away danger as if he was a hurricane. Thus, his title of “General of Hurricane” was born.

        “We must find the Tome of Fate,” Atrahasis turned to Dumuzi and said.

        “When compared to facing the terrifying birdlike monster Imdugud, I would rather beg for Namtar’s help,” said Dumuzi with a pained expression.

        Plagues spread through the city and Atrahasis knew only of two possible solutions: the first is to get the Tome of Fate from the ancient Imdugud; the other is to find Namtar, a human known as the God of Pestilence. Unfortunately, while they knew where the Tome of Fate resided, they did not know of Namtar’s whereabouts.

        “Let me go! I will bring the Tome of Fate back!” At that moment, Ninurta suddenly yelled.

        “Ninurta, if you leave, who will protect the people?!” Inanna asked after hearing Ninurta’s words.

        “My going is protecting the people!” And with that, Ninurta turned and left.

        Nunurta left the city and headed to the lair of Imdugud. With a battle lasting three day and nights, he successfully decapitated it. The sight of Ninurta carrying the head and the Tome of Fate back to the city brought joyous cheers to the soldiers. Lifting the head and Tome high, he roared...