The doors of the treasury opened again.

        ‘Perhaps some other treasures are put here to gather dust?’ Genie, who had been left in the treasury, thought.

        “I am happy with my new clothes. As reward, feel free to choose one of the treasures here.”

        “Thank You for your kindness, Your Majesty.”

        ‘Em? Take something away, huh? What is the occasion? Don’t let it be me!’ Genie kept murmuring in its mind, ‘Not me...not me...not me...’ After all, most of its previous masters had used it as a killing machine. Hence, Genie preferred imprisonment in the lamp over contact with the outside world again. However, things alway go athwart...

        “I am Genie the Wish Granter of this lamp. I can fulfill three wishes for you. What do you wish for?” Taken from the treasury, Genie mechanically asked its new master.

        “Three wishes! Any kind of wishes?”

        “Yes, master.”

        “Wow! So the rumor is true! Awesome!” The new master cheered and danced with joy. In more than a century, few could read the archaic language carved under the legs of the lamp and summon Genie. As time passed, the story of the lamp gradually became a rumor.

        “Mm...I can’t think of what I want all of a sudden. How about you, Genie?”

        “” It was a long time since a master called Genie by its name. It almost failed to respond.

        “Right. What do you want?”

        “I...I want?” Not just called me by my name, but also asked me what I want? It looked like it had finally met a virtuous master. Genie could not help but started to feel excited. However, the excitement changed to depression just then. “Freedom” — the one thing Genie always longed for. If it had freedom, it could free itself from its masters’ conscienceless wishes. It could also travel around freely! But to own freedom, its master had to forgo one of the three wishes. There was no one in the world so selfless to grant it the wish for freedom.

        “Then let me help you. I’ll give you freedom after my first two wishes.” The new master’s forthright and altruistic character surprised and amazed Genie wave after wave. Perhaps the master this time was a super good person —

        “ about something like ‘a transcendent scimitar which can summon a bunch of men to help me steal’?”

        — or not?

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