In a blurred vision, a giant beast jumped out of nowhere, howling in rage. The bloodlust released was intense enough to overwhelm the will of humans.

        “You...intruders...kill...kill you all!”

        The giant beast mauled them violently; none was able to escape——

        A man sitting on the wooden chair woke up gasping. He sat straight and touched the metal part of his body; that cold metallic feeling sobered himself up.

        “It’s just a dream...Right, we’ve left that place.”

        Relieved, Tesla put on a lab coat but almost bumped into a pile of cups when he stepped forward——Those cups were used for his experiment on how elements would affect object gravity.

        “Galileo’s laboratory is just right below me. If I knock down the cups and disturb her, she’s gonna come up and make a scene again.”

        Whenever he thought of Galileo’s angry face, it sent a chill down his spine. After all, she was named the “cold beauty” in Lomond Manor.

        Tesla tiptoed in order to capture every tiny noise in this place.


        “This noise...Someone’s searching here.”

        Listening closely, he found out the source of the noise was from a room outside. Tesla, holding his breath, moved towards the door and took a peep——A young man, back on to Tesla, sneaked towards a working desk.

        That man was reading the documents of the laboratory while throwing out those which were not useful to him. The floor was covered with research papers. The young man was very focused, so he did not notice Tesla’s stare.

        “I haven’t seen this man here...He is not a member of the Lomond Manor...Is he the thief who the headmaster told us to be aware of?”

        Lomond Manor had been creating many mind-blowing inventions ever since its inception. Therefore, authorities were casting greedy eyes on their research. Some would even send people to steal their research, and it was getting more frequent recently. In view of this serious situation, the headmaster particularly warned the members to stay alert.

        “This guy is suspicious. I better catch him first.” Tesla picked up a metal rod, conjured light element and electrified it.

        He carefully approached, swinging the rod against the man’s neck——

        Clash! The attack was blocked with a dagger.

        “I’ve been ambushed once today, and I won’t be that foolish to fall into the same trick again.” The man wore a grin, “not to mention that I’m a genius!”

        “A shameless thief calling himself a genius, this is the funniest joke I’ve ever heard,” Tesla sneered. At this moment, he found that his metal rod was stuck by something.

        “The dagger is charged by light element...This guy is not just somebody.” Tesla gazed at a metal rod at the corner, but his sight was interrupted by an attack. The razor-sharp dagger stretched his cheek to bleed.

        “You don’t have time to look around!”

        Shocked, Tesla let go of his hand and stepped back while remaining alert to this thief. At this moment, the man opened his arms to release a light screen; a dozen daggers then began to rise and float on it.

        “This is...the direct-current electric field...It can let him control the dagger movements freely…” Tesla upheld his scientific spirit, analyzing the theory of his attack.

        The man, who paid no attention to Tesla, took out a candy to savour. “You have nowhere to escape. Luckily I’m a kind man, so I might spare your life if you beg me for mercy,” he was complacent.

        “Thanks but no thanks.” Tesla ran to the corner for the metal rod which was his invention, an elemental coil that could convert light element into powerful electricity.

        Tesla put his hands on the rod to circulate the light element, which was charged into a giant plasma globe and fused into the coil.

        “I can split this world into half If I want to!”

        With a roar, thunderbolts as strong as a storm were released into his body, generating dazzling electric arcs. The entire room was brightened up just like daytime.

        “This is a geomagnetic storm...He conducts it into his body with element... “ The man was astonished. “You aren’t afraid of death, are you,” he asked.

        “How can I? I won’t die before I finish my experiment!” Tesla said confidently, “because the future is mine!”

        Tesla sprinted towards him immediately. Although the man attempted to attack with the daggers, they all dropped down to the floor when the charge collided and set off with Tesla’s coil. In the face of this overwhelming power, the man was defenseless against Tesla.

        “Ah——It hurts! Easy!” Tesla subdued him by holding down his action.

        “Who are you! Say it,” Tesla interrogated.

        “If I tell you, can you teach me that trick?”


        Suddenly, a slender woman barged into the laboratory, pulling a long face towards Tesla.

        “What the heck are you doing at midnight!? How many times have I told you not to mess around!”

        “Galileo, perfect timing! I just caught a spy who’s trying to steal our research!”

        “...It’s you. Why did you sneak into someone’s laboratory at late night,” she frowned while asking the man.

        “Because I’m desperate to know my research team.” He answered frivolously, and the interaction between the two made Tesla confused.

        “Galileo, do you know him?”

        “He is a newcomer to Lomond Manor today...Oh, it should be yesterday. His name is Edison.”

        “Hi. It seems I’m in your team. Nice to meet you, Tesla the golden scientist.” Edison wave his hand to greet Tesla, as if he had forgotten all that fierce fight just happened.

        Gazing at Edison’s frivolous face, Tesla soon jumped to a conclusion.

        “I’ll never get along with this guy in my life.”

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