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        Sun Ce and Da Qiao became lovers at last, but they did not live happily ever after. Sun Jian launched a coup with Sun Ce leading the army. In the end, Sun Ce fell into Cao Cao’s trap and died in battle. Consequently, the South feudatory reluctantly signed a peace treaty and the war came to an end. Bereaved by Sun Ce’s death, Da Qiao bathed in tears for weeks, thinking there was nothing left worth living for. Thanks to Xiao Qiao’s company, eventually she managed to overcome her lover's death.
        Sun Quan instructed Zhou Yu to accompany the ambassador to Liu Bei. He chose the Qiao twins to watch over them along the way in case of any enemy ambushes, as two young women could keep a low profile better than burly men. They eagerly accepted the job. It was the first time they had set foot outside the southern area. Xiao Qiao was extremely curiosious towards the outside world. Da Qiao hoped to take a look at the battlefield where Sun Ce laid down his life…
        The Qiao twins and Zhou Yu waited at the deck. The twins had heard about him from Sun Ce long long ago, but it was their first time meeting him. Xiao Qiao’s eyeballed Zhou Yu’s delicate face. He was more handsome and sensible than she had imagined, ‘You are the Qiao twins? Sun Ce told me a lot about you.’ Da Qiao replied, ‘Sun Ce often mentioned you to us too. Nice to meet you.’ ‘I’m sorry...about Sun Ce…’ They chatted about Sun Ce. They consoled each other for his death. A ship carrying the Liu Bei’s ambassador of docked at the pier. He signaled them to get on board, so they got on the ship, dragging their luggages. Suddenly a wave hit the ship, knocking Xiao Qiao off balance! Zhou Yu grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms, ‘Are you okay?’ Xiao Qiao’s heart raced uncontrollably and her mind went blank. She paused for a moment and replied, ‘I-I’m fine. Thank you…’ Zhou You smiled at her, making her heart beat even more fiercely.
        They traveled to Liu Bei’s territory. At night they rested in their rooms. Silence filled the night. While Da Qiao slept like a log, Xiao Qiao were still tossed and turned, thinking about Zhou Yu’s face and voice. Her heart could not help but race when she recalled the warmth in Zhou Yu’s arms. She tiptoed out of the room to the deck, thinking that the moon might calm her down. Suddenly she heard Zhou Yu whispering, so she went to his room.
        The door was not locked. She pushed it open quietly in case there was an assassin. She stepped to his bed and found him sleeping with a frown. He murmured painfully, ‘Sorry...Sun Ce...Don’t die on me…’ His condition reminded her of Da Qiao’s depression, so she held his hands and stroked his head. Zhou Yu’s frown gradually disappeared. As she intended to leave, Zhou Yu woke up and seized her hands. ‘Don’t go. Stay here tonight.’ Xiao Qiao could not ignore his desperate eyes.
        They locked their hands together in the bed. Zhou Yu had not had a good night’s sleep since Sun Ce’s death. He could feel Xiao Qiao’s warmth through his palms. His exhausted mind finally had a chance to relax. Da Qiao believed she had met the one her soul loved.
        Back in Da Qiao’s room she lay in bed wide awake. She pretended to be asleep, so that Xiao Qiao would not worry about her. She got out of bed and took out her dagger from Sun Ce. It was a token of their love. She drew the dagger and shut her eyes. Sun Ce came into view. He began teaching her the skills of the dagger like he didin the past, as if he was still alive.
        ’Raise your blade, thrust it fast. Don’t give your target time to dodge.’ Sun Ce’s face and his gentle voice resounded in her head, where the memory of him never faded.
        Da Qiao finished sets of dagger moves. Sun Ce vanished as she opened her eyes. In the dark room there was no one but herself. Tears welled in her eyes. She had to stay strong to avenge Sun Ce’s death. ‘One day I’ll cut Cao Cao’s throat with this very dagger!’