Both Ghatanothoa and its brother Atlach Nacha were the creations of Daoloth. Born to be flawless, Ghatanothoa was kind and brave with a carefree mind. Its perception of Daoloth and all things was beyond praise and bliss. Knowing the planet had grown more and more beautiful under the hands of Daoloth and its followers, the gigantic Ghatanothoa was stuffed with joy.
        However, the encounter with Azathoth shattered its good hope. Like a haunting curse, Azathoth’s destruction instinct had smashed Ghatanothoa’s homeland. It was hard, if not inconceivable, to imagine such a pure evil existing in this world. But looking over the remnants of the land and twisted creatures, it had no choice but to accept the truth.
        In the meantime, anger erupted in Ghatanothoa’s mind for the very first time. Unable to hold this strong impulse, it leapt onto the air pouncing on Azathoth. However, with a mild wave, Ghatanothoa was wiped away bearing the immense gravity. Even with the blessing of Daoloth’s power, it was no match for Azathoth. Ghatanothoa was just as weak as a bug in front of this mightness.
        Ignoring the ripped skin, Ghatanothoa glared at Azathoth who took a big bite of its thickly encrusted body; screaming out in pain, it fainted eventually and unaware of a shadow coming by.
        That shadow was Atlach, who staggered along the road with its broken body ravaged by Azathoth to the unconscious Ghatanothoa. Beclouded by madness and filled up with emptiness, Atlach slobbered at the sight of Ghatanothoa owing to uncontrollable desires. Then it got close to its brother with wide-opening mouth——
        “I can’t! I can’t, I can’t!! I can’t swallow Ghatanothoa, but I really want become my brother…”
        “Ahhhhh! Stop! I can’t hurt it!” Struggling between rationality and lust, Atlach was so tormented that it was tearing off its head with own legs, causing fluids to leak out of its body. Such pathetic scene was seared in the mind of Daoloth descending from the sky.

        “Atlach.” Daoloth’s flat voice was mixed with grief. “Sorry, it’s my fault. The twisted side of me gave birth to the flawed you...This is the only thing I can do now…”
        Daoloth gave out a breath towards the fragile Atlach to revitalize its body, but still failed to suppress its instinct to destroy. In order not to hurt Ghatanothoa, Atlach left to the universe.

        However, the unconscious Ghatanothoa was still unaware of everything. The moment it woke up, the land of life had already crushed into pieces by Azathoth. Those shatters drifted in the universe in solitude. Clenching its fist, Ghatanothoa was firm about its belief.
        “Cursed destruction like Azathoth shouldn’t exist! Creation is the only truth of the universe! I’ll spend my whole life to prove your existence wrong!”
        Ghatanothoa believed that Atlach would share the same feelings with itself, so when it saw Atlach’s figure among the shatters, it immediately headed towards there without hesitation.
        “Atlach, let’s create another land of life with Daoloth.”
        “...Why should I? I didn’t ask for being created. I hate such kind of meaningless creation. I hate myself. I hate everything.”
Atlach pushed Ghatanothoa away as it cursed the most despicable words at its brother.
        “And I hate you, my brother. Your beauty is the opposite of my darkness; your bravery brings out my cowardice; your altruism reflects my selfishness. You make me hate myself from the bottom of my heart. I want to destroy everything including myself! Oh, how delightful it would be!”

        Atlach put its legs into its own body and minced its flesh like a maniac, shocking Ghatanothoa to back off. The self-mutilation behavior had attracted Azathoth, which spread its giant wings coming to the side of Atlach.

        Without leaving a word, but Azathoth was able to see through the similar instinct in the eyes of Atlach.

        “Atlach, the creation of Daoloth, don’t go against your instinct. Come with me. We destroy. We destroy to fill up that damned emptiness inside!”
        “Stop! Stop hurting my brother!”
        Azathoth reached out razor-sharp tentacles to pierce through Atlach’s body; Expecting Ghatanothoa would stop this, Azathoth wrapped it up and threw it at a drifting meteorite nearby.
        “Mmm——!” The impact almost cracked Ghatanothoa’s body. WIth blood splashing everywhere, it barely stood up due to heavy injuries. “Atl-Atlach…,” whispered Ghatanothoa.
        However, no matter how hard it tried, Azathoth was unstoppable.
        Through relentless destruction, Azathoth sent power to Atlach along with devastating agony. Ironically, thanks to the extreme pain, Atlach lost its impulse to devour Ghatanothoa.
        “Hahaha——So this is destruction! This is what I’ve been yearning for!” Atlach tore the silken mask into pieces, finally showing its true, savage grin which had been buried deep under.
        “I must destroy to fill my emptiness, for this is the only way to protect the only perfect being in my memory. Ghatanothoa, my brother…”
        Determined, Atlach turned around and followed Azathoth, leaving Ghatanothoa alone. This was the first time it felt abandoned with emptiness and sorrow, but not happiness nor beauty.
        “Don’t...don’t go, Atlach…”
        The lonely Ghatanothoa curled up, trembling in the ruins, until Daoloth appeared. It came to embrace Ghatanothoa; and this warmness touched its heart, welling up its eyes with tears. Then, the drops came together to shape a dazzling, magnificent galaxy. “Ghatanothoa, my dear child. Abandon your loneliness. Follow me. Let’s create together,” Daoloth whispered as it licked it tears gently.

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