To find out the conspiracy of Cullinan, Ghostie, Mellow, Choux and Zero followed the drag marks of the dumpster to a laboratory…

        Ghostie, crouching down to draw circles, discovered that small gemstones were all over the floor. The thin slit of reflections distincted them from usual gems. “These gems are special. Embellished by the iridescent lights, they look bright and vivid, just like our eyes,” she picked up a gemstone out of curiosity and whispered.

        “Hey, aren’t they the triplets? Why are they here?” Hearing a sudden shout of Mellow ahead, Ghostie rushed at her but saw Biggie and Twinkle are trapped in a glass box inside a room!

        Their eyes had closed tightly, except Tristan, whose eyelids were propped open by a clamp, tied to a wooden stand, yelling in a daze. A gun-like device was pointing at his eyes less than a half meter away.

        “Gotta save him, now!” Mellow gave Zero a pat as a signal to run. However, dozens of arrows were fired from the walls to keep them away from Tristan.

        “It seems these arrows will be triggered whenever they detect any trespassers...Maybe I can do it.” Ghostie utilized her stealthy skills, hid her breath to start running.

        As expected, the arrows were not triggered. She made it to the room of the triplets.

        “Well done! Even the deadly trap ignores you. What a gift!” Mellow gave Ghostie a thumbs up.
        “Truly impressive,” Zero agreed with a smile.

        But Ghostie had mixed feelings about her “gift” even if she received the compliments of the pals. “I don’t want this skill at all...Boohoo…”

        “Ghostie, hurry to find a way to stop that timer,” Mellow’s voice interrupted her whining.

        Ghostie bowed her head to examine the timer, which required a password to stop the countdown. “ehoCatIsstrTW...What does it mean...,” she read the words aloud.

        Mellow cracked the code quickly and responded, “I got it! The password is ‘CatIsTheWorst’!”

        Ghostie entered the password right away. But when she was pressing the last key, the timer beeped as time was up. A dazzling light was shot right at Tristan’s eyes through the muzzle. Within a second, two beady gemstones with rich colors dropped to the ground. At the same time, Tristan’s eyes had closed.

        “Cat-eye gemstones…” Ghostie cringed in fear when she recalled those small gems on the floor. Everyone was numb with shock.

        The cats were too caught up that they didn’t aware of an approaching figure from behind…

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