After two massive destruction, the exhausted Azathoth fell into a slumber. Its breath transcended the dimension beyond human recognition, forming a new place of dreams, a void with its own consciousness called “Ghroth”. It was boundless and covered with eyes. Those eyes were connecting to all sleeping creatures in the universe.
        At the very start, none in the world had any connection with Ghroth, except Azathoth. Ghroth had been observing Azathoth through its eyes from the dream. Every curse it made and every anger it vented had turned Ghroth’s soul ups and downs.
        In order not to miss anything related to Azathoth, Ghroth refrained from blinking to pay full attention. If that feeling had to be defined in a way understandable by humans, it would be love, but prone to an overbearing and frenzied side.
        As time went by, Daoloth was derived from Azathoth; different forms of life were created in the universe. By receiving their consciousness, Ghroth was able to absorb knowledge among them. As the creatures lived in harmony, a new thought hit its mind.
        “I...want to touch Azathoth. I miss, Azathoth.”
        Initially, this notion was like a faint light in the dark. But soon it began to spread, igniting its consciousness in full blaze. Eventually, Ghroth was unable to resist the temptation, rip the wall of dream open and passed it through.
        “Hurt!!! Hurt!!! Hurt!!!!!”
        The formless Ghroth had to compress itself in order to stay in the reality. However, the consciousness of all beings kept flooding into its body——It was an agony beyond everything that humans could not comprehend.
        Despite the destructive and devastating pain, Ghroth refused to give up, for Azathoth was just on the other side of the crack.
        “Azathoth, Azathoth…” Ghroth called its name in an innocent tone, but Azathoth was still slumbering. Long years had passed, and Ghroth successfully squeezed through the crack to Azathoth’s side.
        “Aza-Azathoth...finally...haha!! Boohoo...I see you...I’m...happy…”
        Into the reality, Ghroth was overloaded with all sorts of messages; its consciousness became chaotic and unstable. The only thing resided in its heart was its attachment to Azathoth.
        Although pain was haunting Ghroth all the time, it felt satisfied as long as it could stay right beside Azathoth. Ghroth was innocent to believe the current situation would keep on and on until forever even when Azathoth was awake.
        Nevertheless, the appearance of Fthaggua and Y’golonac crushed its hope. Despite its hatred, they were derived from Azathoth after all, so Ghroth tried to accept them. Unfortunately, its desire of possession overtopped everything.
        “Why get in the way? I, need, to be with, Azathoth...Swallow...swallow it into the dream.”
        Devastated by biological consciousness for a long time, Ghroth managed to keep its last bit of rationality in check for one reason only——its love towards Azathoth. Regrettably, the rationality had vanished because of Fthaggua and Y’golonac. The only desire left in Ghroth was to swallow Azathoth.
        Such impulse finally broke out in an action. While Azathoth was concentrating on destruction, Ghroth approached slowly with its mouth wide open. During diving, it was spotted by Y’golonac, which then successfully captured Ghroth with its countless clones and brought it to Azathoth.
        “Ghroth, you dare to swallow Azathoth!”
        “Boohoo...Y’go, you break everything. You break Azathoth, haha!”
        As a dream gobbler, Ghroth had been receiving biological consciousness, including Y’golonac. It knew better than anyone when it came to the true desire hidden in their dreams.
        “Azathoth, Ghroth has gone mad. Destroy it now,” Y’golonac persuaded in a whisper.
        “Ghroth, you damn thing! How dare you attempted to swallow me. I’m gonna crush you!”
        Azathoth grabbed Ghroth by its sharp claws. “Azathoth, I know, your true desire, haha. You destroy, in order to blend everything together, Boohoo…” all Ghroth’s eyes gazed at it while speaking.
        “Damn you shut up!” An indescribable restlessness surged, driving Azathoth to curse. However, Ghroth kept on speaking, revealing Azathoth its inner desires deep in its subconscious.
        “Azathoth, I know...I know everything about you...haha! Daoloth, is the opposite. It creates...boohoo...the existence of others. Face up to yourself...You two will never...never live in harmony. You can’t defy your instinct ——”
        Azathoth refused to listen anymore, so it squeezed harder with its claws to squash Ghroth out of shape. However, what it had destroyed was just Ghroth’s vessel in the dimension of reality.
        Back to dream, Ghroth opened its all-seeing eyes; soon Azathoth’s whereabouts was found in one of the eyeballs. It reached out tentacles, hardly restraining itself to touch Azathoth through the vision.
        “Azathoth, I’ll...come back to you again,” Ghroth whispered in its heart.

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