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        While Inanna was walking home with the sleeping Mesopotamia on her back, she saw a young man and a lady in front of her, talking and laughing.

        “Ah, so sweet, just like me and Dumuzi back in the days.” She recalled the time when she and Dumuzi studied together with Teacher Anu. At that time, the two were just like this, walking and laughing, sometimes chasing each other, like a pair of innocent, naughty children.

        “We can’t do that now.”

        Since they became the King and the Queen, they had been bearing the safety and happiness of the entire tribe, not to mention the responsibility of raising a child. These were all heavy burdens. Therefore, they could no longer be carefree like before.

        “Sigh, why bother to think of it?” Inanna shook her head. “I said clearly. No matter how hard it is, I’m happy as long as Dumuzi and I are together.”

        “Ahhh! A mouse!” The lady ahead screamed, hiding into the young man’s arms. “It’s scary!”

        “It’s ok. The mouse is gone.” The young man wiped away her tears while patting her head. “You really love to act like a baby, don’t you? But this is also the cutest part of you.”

        “She makes me envious…” Inanna heaved a sigh. “I wanna do that to Dumuzi too.”

        She made up her mind.

        “Anyways a feminine play won’t give the King any trouble. Let me try!”

        Next day, Inanna and Dumuzi went to inspect the farmland together. They were discussing the harvest conditions on the way. All of a sudden, Inanna screamed. “M-mouse!”

        Dumuzi found it baffling because she was never scared by a mouse. Plus, her cry did not sound like she was frightened at all.

        “Oh, I saw it too. So?” Then he figured. “Ah, are you worrying that the mouse will eat the crop? That’s truly a seriou issue. Well done.”


        Despite the embarrassment, Inanna did not feel discouraged at all. She decided to try again.

        Walking to another section——

        “Dumuzi, s-snake!” Inanna did her best to fake a scream of terror, but failed again.

        “Well, then the snake can eat the mouse. Problem solved.”

        “AH! Leave me alone!” She strode forward in anger.

        “Humph, anyway, I’m too old to act cutesy now. It’s just a waste of time!” Inanna grumbled bitterly, unaware of Dumuzi who came behind to hug her up.

        “Wh-what are you doing?”

        Dumuzi whispered gently with a smile. “Just want to say you’re adorable.”

        “You——put me down already!” A blush came into her cheeks.


        “Dumuzi is such an idiot!”

        “You look pretty cute too even when you’re angry though.”

        Dumuzi stretched out his hand to stroke Inanna's face and looked at her affectionately. Unable to resist the indulgence in love, Inanna could not help waiting for a kiss on the lips...