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        When Glauox opened his eyes, a human-bird hybrid-like demon agitatedly said to him, “Bear our will, soar to the Enochian Tower!” He threw Glauox out the window and spelled winds to take the owl high up into the skies, until he was nowhere to be seen.

        “I am counting on you, Glauox.” Stolas smiled as he watched Glauox departing, and turned to the hostile Demons fast approaching.

        Although he a Demon Prince, Stolas was one of the few Demon nobles who opposed conquering the realm of Humans. During the intermittent wars between Gods and Demons, many Demons had long given up their invasion of heaven. They had come to regard the realm of Humans as home instead.

        The scholarly Stolas had been secretly helping the Demons whom turned away from evildoing, and he had also been protecting those Humans who were vulnerable to harm during the wars. At the same time, he also spread an anti-war message among Demons. Hence, the pro-war hawk faction treated Stolas as an eyesore.

        A civil war among Demons was simmering just below the surface. Caught by surprise, Stolas travelled throughout the realm trying to settle the conflicts among the demons, but as a result, he no longer had time to rescue Humans. With no better options, Stolas decided to create an incarnation of himself. He entrusted it with all his knowledge and his will to protect Humans. The incarnation shall search for a way to save the realm.

        “If we change nothing on you, You would just be a mere replica of me. To save the world, you will need a selfless soul.”

        With that in mind, Stolas met Hades in secret. Originally, he had prepared lots of reasons with which he had hoped to persuade Hades, but the God of Underworld had instantly agreed to his request. Hades summoned Glauox, a soul from an ancient ascetic who sought power for peace, but was defeated by Lucifer. Stolas returned to his camp immediately after receiving the soul, and began the ceremony. Yet, the hawk faction discovered the plan and invaded his territories when he was casting magic on the owl. Stolas’ warriors fought with their lives to protect Stolas, ensuring he had enough time to complete the ceremony. Then, Stolas casted a magical wind to send the owl away.

        Glauox swayed through the strong wind in panic. Eventually he was able to stabilize himself, but found out that he knew nothing. Besides his own name, he could not remember where he was from, what he had been through. There was nothing in his mind... He landed on a treetop and tried recalling anything but it was to no avail. He could only remember the shout from that demon, but could not even recognize the place. How far had the wind blown him? And why was he able to identify the individual as a Demon with a single glance It was because of the Demon’s outfit. And deducing from the leaves under his feet, he should be somewhere in the midland region of the realm.

        As questions and answers coming up one after another, knowledge started to gather in Glauox’s mind. Although he was not sure what had happened, there had obviously been something different about him. The confused Glauox gazed at the Enochian Tower. Confused, he spread his wings and flew to the tower. There was a desire in Glauox’s heart. It seemed like all the answers were hidden in the top of the tower, where the clouds was...