The main passage of the town was crowded with townspeople for a triumphant return of those heroes who defeated the demon army. The victory was attributed to Mesopotamia, the prince of the city.

        “Hail the conquering prince! Congratulations to your 5th straight win!”
        “Thanks to our prince, our crops doubled with the new farming method last year. Without his help, we could not have gotten through the harsh winter.”
        “Shush! The army is entering the city!”

        The crowd was all staring at the gate. A knight, in hard leather armor, was riding a white horse to get in. Undoubtedly, this person was their prince, Mesopotamia. Everyone gave a big cheer for glorious return.

        “Prince Mesopotamia, we’re proud of you!”
        “Prince, it’s our honor to meet you!”
        “Please accept our fresh corns, your highness.”

        The people were so excited to see the prince. Everyone wanted to come closer to him by pushing their ways through the crowd. As a result, a little girl fell down on the main passage, and a weapon carriage was coming over. Witnessing such scene, the residents let out a scream.

        In the nick of time, a shadow swept past, carried the girl away and stopped after a few steps.

        “Disappointed.” Mesopotamia put the girl onto the horse and sat behind. The prince gazed at the people with a pair of sharp eyes.

        “My people still have much to learn...especially your etiquette and morality.” The words of Mesopotamia were powerful enough to make them feel ashamed of what they just did to the girl.

        “Remember! We risk our lives to battle, not only for the sake of your safety, but also the glory of our country.”

        The prince gave the girl to a soldier and continued leading the troop to the main city. The people disciplined themselves and saw Mesopotamia off in awe…

        After settling the army, the prince went straight to the King’s study room. Mesopotamia knocked the door before entering.

        “Your Majesty, may I come in?”
        “You have my permission.” A low voice sent from the room.

        Dumuzi, a long-haired, gaunt man, was sitting behind a table. He was the king of the country, and the father of Mesopotamia.

        As he was about to walked towards his father, a silver-haired woman hugged him from behind, who was Inanna the queen, and also the mother of Mesopotamia.

        “Meso...Your face is wounded again…” Inanna, with a worried look, touched the scar gently.
        “Mother, worry not. It’s just a scratch.”
        “How can I? You’re my daughter. I can’t bear to see you suffer…”
        “Mother…” Mesopotamia was moved by her mother’s affection. She hugged Inanna back with a relaxed smile.

        Inanna almost died of dystocia when giving birth to Mesopotamia. Fortunately, with the care of experienced doctors, she survived, but the sequela was infertility due to physical trauma. Mesopotamia became the only descendant of the king. However, woman could never be heir to the throne.

        In order to secure the hearts of his people, Dumuzi decided to conceal her gender, proclaiming that Mesopotamia was a prince. Since then, she was raised as a son by Dumuzi.

        As time went by, Mesopotamia was grown up. She had never grumbled about her father’s decision. At dead of night, she would dance in the moonlight with her dress occasionally…

        Mesopotamia tried to get rid of this reverie. Then, Inanna left with a sigh.

        “Demons’ attacks are getting more frequent these days. Although we’re still at an advantage in terms of power, we shouldn’t be off our guard. They’re cunning and deceptive, so it’s better for us to take the initiative and attack.”

        “But after the long battle, soldiers are already exhausted. I’m afraid we’ll suffer heavy casualties if we keep pushing them…”
        “Father, as long as it can bring peace to our country, we’re willing to sacrifice our lives for it.”
        “Meso…” Dumuzi looked at the determined eyes of his daughter. All sorts of feelings welled up within him. She was supposed to live like a princess, get married and have her own children. “I owe her…”

        Dumuzi answered, “Alright, if you wish.”

        With her persistence, Mesopotamia was ready to set off and march on the base camp of the demons occupied the eastern woods.

        The march went on well unusually, not a single enemy in sight on the way; Mesopotamia remained alert to the environment. When the army arrived at the entrance of the woods, she decided to scout the area with a few elites.

        As soon as they stepped into the forest, the scene misted over suddenly. They could barely see each other. Then, something unexplainable happened——the woods had changed into a blooming prairie.

        “What’s...going on?” She looked puzzled, for her armor was turned into a colorful dress.

        Suddenly, a handsome man came over and said infatuatedly, “Meso, you’re here. Everyone is waiting for you.”

        “...Who are you?” She stepped backward and stayed alert to him. Astounded by her words, the man continued with a smile. “You’re kidding me, right? I’m your fiance. Em...But after today, I’ll be your husband.”

        “Husband? What are you talking about?”

        “I’m talking about our wedding today of course...Oops! We’re getting late. Come with me.” The man held her hand and ran.

        At this moment, Mesopotamia seemed to forget the war and her identity, but just an ordinary woman. She followed him to a chapel. In the blink of an eye, she was wearing an elegant wedding dress.

        “Meso, you’re beautiful.” The man came to her and touched her cheeks——she was the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen.

        “No...It’s not right...This is not me…!” Hot tears welled up in her eyes. She knew that it was only an illusion of her desire within.

        Mesopotamia closed her eyes; tears kept dropping. Touching the hilt of her sword, she drew it and swung at the man, who then immediately vanished into thin air.

        Afterwards, she was back to the murky woods. Mesopotamia touched the marks on her armor.
        “This is me. I’m Mesopotamia, the prince of the country!”

        A clap interrupted her thought. Then, she adopted a defensive pose while staring at a brown, curly-haired man in front of her——Samle.

        “I’m amazed. You can break my vision. What a strong will.”

        “You did this? I guess you’re with those demons! Die!” Mesopotamia swung her sword at Samle ferociously, which left a few cuts on his body.

        “Fighting is not my strength. Let them be your opponents.” With a flick of his finger, there was a rustle in the bushes. Then, troops of demons appeared.

        Knowing that she was at a disadvantage, Mesopotamia got on the horse to flee while giving a whistle, which echoed through the woods. Soon, the army outside the forest met her galloping back.

        “Soldiers, march!” Mesopotamia stopped in front of the army, raised her sword and ordered. The troop then started rushing at the demons.

        “Even though I have to abandon my desire, I won’t regret it, for this is my mission!” Mesopotamia led the soldiers to battle at full gallop...

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