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        “Golden wings as bright as the dusking sun, a body as strong as a lion, and eyes as sharp as an eagle... We’ve made it! We’ve finally created our own Griffin with the blood left by our tutelary god!”

        As people surrounded and observed Griffin carefully, it slowly opened its eyes. It tried to stand up, but soon lost its balance and fell.

        “Rise! Our greatest creation!”

        It tried to stand up once again. This time it used all four of his limbs at the same time, and balanced itself with its wings stretched.

        Everyone who witnessed the moment was happy for it. They have finally succeeded after numerous failures over the years and they were all drunk on the happiness of success. However, Griffin had been looking at the borderless sky in silence, as if it could see or hear something.

        “Our mighty Griffin! Please continue to protect us! Please guard our Holylight City!”

        Griffin ignored their words. It gazed upon the heaven situated above the clouds.

        “Griffin... ?” Receiving no answers from Griffin, people were confused.

        All of a sudden, Griffin leapt to the highest point of Holylight City as if upon somebody’s summon. It flew away with a big flap. No matter how people called its name, Griffin did not turn back. It just wanted to return to where “he” was...

        Griffin flew freely in the sky, and it eventually found the figure that it had been looking for next to the sun. It landed beside and they gazed at each other. After a while, the God of the Sun broke the silence...

        “You come here for you had heard my worries and you want to accompany me, don’t you? ”

         “It’s good to have you here. It’s boring to stay alone.”

        Smiling, the God of the Sun caressed the mane of Griffin, and Griffin greatly enjoyed the indulgence of the God. The original Griffin was created by the God of the Sun. It had been waiting for the return of the Gods, but the Gods did not make it before its death. At the end, the last wish of the Griffin was finally fulfilled by “it” instead...