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        Primordial Dragons created the realm in time immemorial. The land was formed by various elements, and over time, the elements nurtured different species of life. However, there was a species which maintained its pure and primitive form of elements — slimes. Slimes were born from the interlacing of similar elements where they gathered until a creature formed. Even scholars argued whether slimes were living organisms or mere elements.

        The scholars deduced that primitive slimes did not have faces; they were simply called “big mouth” because of their appearance. Slimes’ appetite knows no bounds: as long as there were things to be disposed of, thrown away, or abandoned, they would gluttonously put them into their enormous mouths. As time passed, these “big mouths” grew in number. Their mouths also grew bigger and bigger.

        Before the birth of Humans, slimes ate everything they saw, so when they started to live with Humans, they would also devour their tools. At the time, they did not know that Humans depended on tools to find food, and that tools were a critical part of their lives. Primitive Humans fought against slimes to prevent their clans from being devoured. Thus, they drove out the weak slimes from Human civilization. However, slimes were adaptable and excelled in imitation. To socialize with Humans, they grew a face with limited facial organs. Whenever they ate, their body would contract and a smile of content would appear. If they were hungry, their smile would turn upside down, as if demonstrating their emotions. As their interaction with Humans increased, people began to realize that slimes’ outstanding intelligence was unlike other animals, and Humans began to like them. Nevertheless, after Humans built towns and cities, the number of slimes gradually declined.

        The first war between Gods and Demons threw the realm into disorder; bodies abounded everywhere, and godly power ran amok. Slimes struggling for survival finally had a way to satiate their hunger without searching for food while avoiding causing any hindrance to the lives of Humans. Hence, they could eventually thrive. While slimes grew surprisingly fast in number, Xian actively participated in the affairs of the realm of Humans. When an ascetic tried to reclaim the abundant godly power for his own use, he discovered a King Slime devouring the same power. The King Slime led its fellow slimes to eat all impurity of the realm, while the King Slime itself would eat the overpopulated little slimes to enhance its power, so that it can defeat the greedy ascetics and ensure a perfectly balanced cycle for the realm.

        After the war between Humans and Xian, people grew tired of the slimes’ gluttonous characteristics, and expelled them from their towns and cities. However, druids recognized the meaning of the King Slime’s existence, and understood its way of living. They deemed it a creature naturally developed by elves, and elements ultimately created it to cure the wounds Gods and Demons had inflicted on the realm; it was a necessary “scar” to balance nature. Its existence was a gift from the Divine Tree itself.