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        Hephaestus was well aware that the power of the Zodiac was a prerequisite for conquering the Gods and stopping Khaos’s conspiracy. To boost the strength of the Zodiac, Hephaestus used his powers to forge their weapons in front of a burning hot furnace. As his divine power blended with fire elemental power, Hephaestus had a vision through the flames…

        Since Hephaestus’s surrogate parents died, Hephaestus inherited the family smithy and undertook all the commissions that had yet to be completed. He had a talent for smithcraft and even grew passionate about it. Hephaestus always thought he would inherit the blacksmith business from his father and then live on like that for the rest of his life, until one day, a few travellers came to the smithy and bought some weapons.
        The travellers were god soldiers. As the power of the god soldiers' leader resonated with Hephaestus, the soldiers soon realized his true identity——the son of Zeus! Hephaestus finally understood why his parents thought he was special. They believed one day their son would regain his identity as a god.
        Hephaestus decided to return to the heavens with the god soldiers and visit Zeus. However, when Zeus learnt of Hephaestus's arrival, he detested his presence…
        “Hephaestus? That ugly crippled infant? I thought he died after Hera threw him into the realm of Humans.”
        “No, he is outside the temple, waiting for your summon. May I bring him in——”
        “That would be unnecessary. Take him away! We don’t need useless gods.”
        As Hephaestus heard it, he was disappointed and furious. He vowed to become stronger and change Zeus’s and Hera’s views of him. He abandoned his role as a blacksmith and instead, joined the god soldiers to become one of Zeus's soldiers.

        Since Hephaestus became a god soldier, he had obtained obtained outstanding scores in theory lessons with the his expertise in weaponry and armor. He also picked the most suitable weapon and armor for different god soldiers. His talent was well recognized by all mentors and students. Nevertheless, everybody changed their attitudes towards Hephaestus after a battle…
        The crippled Hephaestus always fell behind in battles. He had never used his divine and elemental power before, so he was no match for anyone in the battlefield. Worse still, his knowledge of weapons and armors had yet to help him in the battlefield. Gradually, Hephaestus no longer gained the allegiance of the comrades. Their focus was now drawn to the soldiers that slaughtered the Demons.
        In spite of this, Hephaestus didn't want to give up in the slightest. No matter how hard he tried, his performance was hindered by his congenital defect. He did not stand out in the military, but was rather seen as a mediocre soldier. The other soldiers simply treated him as a burden, let alone Zeus. One day, the god soldiers sent Hephaestus to patrol the town where he used to live with his parents.
        Hephaestus went to the abandoned smithy, which hasn't been sorted out in a while. The tools that were once used to forge weapons and armors were now rusty while the furnace was covered with thick dirt, making it no longer usable. Hephaestus picked up the hammer and felt ashamed. In the past, people longed for his weapons; now he was a nobody. Hephaestus wanted to return to the good old days, but it was already too late. Rusty tools and the furnace could always be replaced, but not a blacksmith's hands. It would take years and years to learn his techniques and obtain the level of his craftsmanship. Finally, he helplessly put down the hammer and left. Hephaestus not only lost Zeus’s favour, he also buried his own talent…

        “Everyone is born to fulfill their own missions. Although I’m not a warrior, I'm still proud of the weapons I forged.”