No one would’ve expected an actual god living inside this ragged temple.

        No one would’ve known that the actual god with unknown age was named Daikokuten.

        Daikokuten was the god of gold and food. He had once granted a great fortune to a beggar, and plenteous harvest to the farmers who worshipped him. Yet the past was the past; even he couldn’t tell if he could perform miracles anymore. All he knew was that everyone had long forgotten about him.

        “Oh you poor mouse. You aren’t going to find any food here, ‘cause this place is abandoned. SO STOP WASTING YOUR TIME AND GO AWAY!” Daikokuten yelled at a skinny mouse. Just like any other day, the temple had nothing but dust.

        Lying on the wooden altar, Daikokuten was staring at the gate in trance. The boring time had got him a flashback of the good old days. Back then, people were swarming to worship him; and who would’ve thought the fallen day of Daikokuten?

        Tear started swelling in his eyes whenever he came to this point. Unlike the past, Daikokuten decided not to sob but cry his eyes out this time, for no guest would come by anyway.

        All of a sudden, when he was crying so ugly, a man walked into the temple. The moment Daikokuten realised his presence, the man was staring at him, witnessing his bizarre act.

        “Are you...Daikokuten?” The man was in rags.

        “Huh? Oh! Yes I am!” Daikokuten wiped his tears away and goggled at this visitor, so that he could make sure this was real.

        The two of them then began a staring contest unintentionally.

        “My grandma said that I could be rich as long as I worship you,” the man mumbled.

        “Hmm, then you must show your sincerity,” said Daikokuten solemnly, trying to hide the excitement in his heart.

        “I’m broke. These buns are all I’ve got…” Kneeling before Daikokuten, the man offered a bag with 3 buns inside.

        “Please make me rich! I can sacrifice anything as long as you ask!” It became the man’s turn to cry.

        Taking the offering, Daikokuten pressed on the poor man’s head, pulling his best to enchant magic. When the man was praying for wealth, Daikokuten also prayed for granting this man wealth.

        “Great! I still have my power,” Daikokuten thought. Every dog had his day, so did Daikokuten. The moment he let go, he spoke to the man proudly, “go home now and you’ll get what you desire.”

        With Daikokuten’s word, a glitter of joy sparkled in the man’s eyes. Then he took a few bows and left excitedly.

        For the next 7 days, Daikokuten kept reminiscing about the moment when the man worshipped him, as if he had regained the meaning of life. Just when he was going to clean the offering again, the man came back for him!

        Once the man entered the temple, he knelt before Daikokuten, crying even uglier than his last visit. “Lord Daikokuten, I...I’m hungry!”

        “Hungry? I thought you would be wealthy now. What’s with the hunger?” The confused Daikokuten gave the man a bun. The moment the man touched it, the bun was turned into gold!

        “Gold...Again! Everything I touch becomes gold! Even the handful of salt I grabbed became golden sand! I’ve had enough of this! If this goes on…” His stomach kept growling as he spoke, “I’ll be starved to death! I don’t want fortune anymore! I just wanna fill my stomach!”

        Scratching his head, Daikokuten presumed that he must be putting too much power in the enchantment.

        “Okay, I heard you. I’ll grant you the plenteous food, and your problem will be solved,” said Daikokuten, pressing on the man’s head again…

        Another week passed; Daikokuten stared at the golden bun on the altar and thought, “now that the man has infinite food, I guess he’ll soon come back with gratitude.”

        As he had thought, the man came back. Despite the healthy look, he was utterly devastated, dressing in rags again.

        “All gone...I lost everything…” the man collapsed on the floor and said.

        “Lost what? Don’t you have the infinite food already?” Daikokuten was perplexed.

        “Food...I do have a lot of food...getting myself well-fed everyday…” This time, the man grinned like an idiot instead of crying. He continued, “but not my family! Everytime when I try to give them food, it either goes bad or get stolen by strays! Even if I try to sell the food, thieves will empty my barn before I can do it! Now I have no money and I’m the only one who can eat the food, what can I do…”

        “I can settle it by granting the wealth to you again,” said Daikokuten, who was about to press on his head again.

        “No! P-Please don’t!” Startled, the man stepped back and begged Daikokuten, “please take back my wish...No! I just want everything back to the beginning!”

        Tilted his head, Daikokuten pondered for a moment and said, “I’ve never done that before. Hmm, just give me some time to figure it out…”

        The man was stunned to speechless by Daikokuten. It seemed that Daikokuten still need quite some time to figure everything out...

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